Interview, cameos and fan art!

martincameoI’m either popular or an incredible net whore… I wonder if you can work out which?

Tonight I am going to be on the Webcomic Reviews and Interviews Podcast, broadcasting at 6pm EST or 11pm GMT. If you make it you can listen in live, join the chat and have the opportunity to ask me questions. If you miss it it will be available for download afterwards.

My next big news if that Martin has a cameo in Between Places, a lovely webcomic with truely beautiful artwork. The story is complicated, and a little confusing at the beginning, but as it develops it all starts to come together and is a very engaging read which I thoughroughly recommend. It seems likely that Martin will cameo in future pages if that’s any incentive.
I also received a new piece of fan art.  This was done by Steve who runs the game this comic is based on.  He also wrote a review to try and help me in Frumph’s webcomic WAR! Thanks Steve!

Finally I have decided to have so cameos in my comic. There is a crowd scene coming up which currently looks pretty pathetic (see below). I think cameos would brighten it up nicely. Due to the setting I am requesting humans or close-to-human characters. However I am also planning to make a larger wallpaper of this scene, which could have extra characters in it including aliens, furrys or whatever. So if you want your characters to appear in Epic Fail get in touch, otherwise I might not include them.

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Hey there! Wow, you're giving interviews already? I wish I could rise to fame that fast 🙂
Too bad I missed it… I'll have to listen to the mp3 when it comes out. Keep up the good work!

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