How Goest the WAR?

Thanks to everyone who helped me in the webcomic WAR! by doing things to promote Epic Fail.  As you know I joined the contest two weeks late and was therefore at a disadvantage.  With your help, I not only made up that disadvantage but overtook everyone else in the game.  At the end of the resource gathering phase I was sitting pretty at 4930 crystal points!

The comics have been embroiled in battle for about a week now.  Here is a list of the fallen:

Bitter Tea Studios
Capes N Babes
Clan of The Cats
Diablito Del Ring
Doomed Media
The Glass urchin (whom I took down personally)
Unconscious Ink
You Me and Steve

I have avoided being a target… until now!  Several sharks in the pool are collectively turning on me.  But I’m not going down without a fight, and if I do I fully intend to take my enemies with me!

That said if I win the WAR! I promise to:

1) Post a picture of myself in a bra & panties (bribery is such an ugly word, I prefer ‘incentive’)
2) Create a celebratory animated video
3) Post a bonus page of Epic Fail related to the WAR!

In the meantime check out this interview with me over at the Soulless Machine. It has pictures and everything!

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