Webcomic Spotlight: Clan of the Cats


Clan of the Cats is a webcomic with serious longevity. It’s been running for ten years and has an impressive archive that’s, literally, growing by the day! Fortunately for new readers it is divided into different stories and the premise is easy to grasp; Chelsea Chattan is a witch cursed to turn into a panther; as such she has magical abilities: she can cast spells and talk to cats. All cat owners will recognise their own cat in the character of Sebastion who is an accurate and affectionate representative of the feline species.

The plot is taken seriously and well planned out, but there is humour largely in the personalities of the characters. All of them feel ‘real’ with some of the storylines dealing with ordinary day-to-day dramas. Even the background characters are memorable. The art style changes but it started out good and only gets better – those ten years of webcomicing have clearly paid off. Yes – I am quite envious, but it is inspiring to see.

No one will be surprised to know this is one of my favourite pages. Any comic that does Star Trek fan-service gets the thumbs up from me!

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