Art Interlude: Guan Yin

So here we have a painting I’ve been working on of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.  Tinuvielle is at a Guan Yin temples in the storyline right now. As my twitter followers will know I’ve had a touch of writers block this week so that’s why I’m doing something different and having an Art Interlude. If I print Epic Fail up as a big Graphic Novel Book sometime I think I would like to use this Guan Yin Painting as the endpages. Of course you can’t tell from the photo, but a great deal of it is painted in gold. I am a lot better at hands after painting this. She has a thousand you know (most of them off page)!

Previous stages:

guan yin art interludegoddess guan yin wipguan yin wip stage 3

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