I’ve made the decision to change how I update the Epic Fail. From now on new updates will be coloured, but not shaded. This is because the shading, pretty though it is, takes me ages! I want to update reliably each week without getting stressed. Late updates aren’t fun for anyone. So, basically, I will concentrate on giving you a fun story and pretty it up later.

This will give me more time which I’ll use to:
1) Rebuild my buffer so I can still update when the unexpected happens.
2) Do those Webcomic Cameos and other things I promised to do but didn’t get around to.
3) Fix spelling mistakes, continuity errors, and pages that just plain suck.
4) Go to Comic Conventions.

No promises, but I may even update more regularly. We’ll see how things go. For the time being I’m shifting my update schedule to Thursdays.

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