Dungeons & Dragons the Cartoon meets Live-Action

The 1980’s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon ended with the children still stuck in the Realm. It seems for all their attempts to get home they never did. 20 years on the live-action fan-film ‘Choices‘ revisits them. They’re not children any more, their innocence and light-hearted optimism is now world-weariness. It is an iteresting, mature, and extremely well done interpretation on the series.

If you own the US version of the complete Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon series on DVD you’ll find ‘Choices’ in the extras. Mack/Dadd Productions did have plans to make a full-length D&D episode and even went as far as making a trailer, but the project was abandoned due to financial reasons. They’re now working on their own original productions and I fully reccommend you check out ‘A Thousand Words.’ I think we can look forward to some great films from them in the future.

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