Chore Wars – Keeping Gamers Clean since 2007

chorewarsI’m certain there is a slew of people out there who have made New Year resolutions to be cleaner and tidier, but, lets face it, would much rather be playing games.  Well help is at hand because with Chore Wars you can do BOTH!

Chore Wars is designed so that you and your household can complete with each others to do adventures (such as dusting, hoovering and emptying the bins) and earn Experience Points for completing them.  I’ve been using it for over a year and I love it.  It’s about the only thing that will make me wash my dishes.  You see I’m a role-play gamer and the idea of earning more XP will spur me on to do almost anything.  I’m certainly not a domestic Goddess, but slowly but surely I’m gaining levels and one day all I’ll have to do is look at those chores and they’ll roll over in suplication.  Oh yes.

Oust the stereotype of Gamers being dirty and smelly.  Soon they shall be known as being clean, tidy and exceptionally well-groomed.

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