Windows 7 + Wacom Intuos = Epic Fail

Upgrading my operating system from XP to Windows 7 left me with a problem – my Wacom Intuos graphics tablet would not work properly. Specifically I could not switch from ‘pen mode’ to ‘mouse mode.’ A) I’m used to mouse mode B) I have a rather small tablet and two somewhat large monitors which led to the mouse pointer jumping about all over the place! I also found that the tablet was not recognised whenever any kind of Systems message popped up.

Googling, I discovered lots of people with similar (if not exactly the same) problems all related to Windows 7 and the Intuos series of Wacom tablets. I also found no working solution. Yet it had worked perfectly on XP…

And ultimately, after much fiddling, that turned out to be the solution – Uninstalling the Windows 7 appropriate drivers and installing those of an earlier system (Vista or XP). I used Driver 6.1.1-3(RC) for USB Tablets on Windows Vista & XP (32 & 64 bit). And it works perfectly!

So if you have problems with your wacom tablet on Windows 7 go and find some older drivers for it – do not use ones that say they are for Windows 7! It’s possible you may have problems installing them. If you do right-click on the driver installer and select ‘Run as Administrator’ and they should go through okay. Hopefully this’ll help some frustrated artists out there with tablet troubles.

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