Webcomic Cameos Completed

Thought I would never finish this didn’t you? Well I have, and it only took a year! I started tis during the last Webcomic Planet War and it took another to chivvy me into finishing it!

If you recall I was very unhappy about the crowd scene in page 11 Appreciation and wanted to improve it by bringing in characters from other webcomics.  And you can fianlly see the results:


Here is a list of everybody in the crowd and the comics they are (from top left to bottom right):

Matilda and Constance from A Mad Tea Party
The Whizz from Maskerman
Alfonso the Paladin from Recombobulated
Keith from Karmic Debt
Talon and Vrin (well, she has her head cut off) from The War of Winds
Future Paladin from The Best of What’s Left (TBOWL)
Lana from Spying with Lana
Patty from Galaxion (in her hat)
Lena from Sunset Grill
Haylus and Jaze from Atomic Elements
Gabriel and Falahil from Between Places
Kishandren and Kinrou from Childern of the Tiger
Zelda and Louise from Life’s a Witch
Nogi of Dungeon Legacy
Hippolyte and Cyrene of Amazoness

If you like you can use it as your WALLPAPER. This is the first wallpaper I have ever made so I hope you like it.

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