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“Epic Fail is anything but Fail. From it’s humourous characters, to the situations that they find themselves in, you really can only get Epic Win with this webcomic.
Amy is a joy to not only talk to but work with as well in podcasts, online and of course in the social media circuits like Twitter, Facebook et al.”

Overall Rating = 10

by Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics

“On art: Competent art — the style works for the story, and it has good shading.
On writing: I could not get into the story.  Within ten pages, my eyes were glazing over as I tried to keep on reading.  I didn’t understand any of the characters, I didn’t see anything funny, and I had no reason to keep reading, though I did keep trying.  Everything in it that had any chance of being interesting, I had already seen elsewhere done more competently.  Nothing struck me as unique, funny, or even “non-cliche.”
Other: No problems with the website, which is set up competently.  The updates seem to go up regularly.  I really like the “update status” for each new page; that’s a great way to tell readers how close the story is to its next update.
Overall: The writing might work for people who really like this kind of story; I’m not one, so only the very best tend to hook me.  The art does not detract from anything, and the website is set up clearly.  I don’t think the comic is very good right now, but it might develop into something better later, and if it does, the website will be prepared for it.
I wish the artist good luck in continuing the story.  No matter whether it’s good right now, everyone needs to start somewhere, and it might develop into something interesting.”

Overall Rating = 3

By Emily

“Epic Fail: Its not as funny as Half Assed Chaos, but the pictures are better!”

Overall Rating = 5

By John Seward

“Wierd, witty and very amusing!”

Overall Rating = 10

By an old D&D comrade of

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