Webcomic War Round 1

Battle has finally commenced in the Webcomic Planet War. Thanks to the help of my loyal minions (that’s you by the way) and partly due to my own efforts I have been able to create the most powerful weapon in the arena: The Epic Fail Device! (Dun dun duuuuhhh)!  Only three people stand in my way Ginpu, of Ginpu webcomic, with her army of adorable flying Octopi, Lady Taversia of Wayward Fall, with her side-kick Penny the Cat, and my arch-nemesis Ancire of Union of Heroes and his mini-gun wielding freak!  All other participants have fled, either too weak or too terrified to face Evil Amuletts, let alone two killer Guinea Pigs!

Starting positions are:

As we begin our condition is thus:

  • Evil Army of Epic Fail – Currently: Alive
    • Hit Points: 1760 HP
    • Weapon: Epic Fail Device – 600 ATK
  • MINION: Evil Guinea Pig Haley
    • Hit Points: 2 HP
    • Weapon: The Nasty Nom – 10 ATK
  • MINION: Evil Guinea Pig Sabine
    • Hit Points: 2 HP
    • Weapon: The Nasty Nom – 10 ATK
  • Ginpu the Dark – Currently: Alive
    • Hit Points: 0 (You must defeat pets to get to Kaeru)
    • Weapon: None
  • MINIONS: 63 Adorable Flying Shiny Eyed Pink Octopi 2 HP each.
    • Hit Points: 2 HP Each
    • Weapon: Laser Beak – 1 ATK
  • Her Imperial Evil Highness, Lady Taversia – Currently: Alive
    • Hit Points: 1,000 HP
    • Weapon: Breastplate of Breastitude – 300 ATK
  • MINION: Noble Stead, Penny The Cat
    • Hit Points: 22 HP
    • Weapon: Beastly Bite – 11 ATK
  • Ancire the Master of Mayhem and Tights – Currently: Alive
    • Hit Points: 600 HP
    • Weapon: The Wristband of “The One Who Knows” – Disruptor Beam 200 ATK
    • Additional Qualities: 100 Defense
  • AHres, the small but nevering one
    • Hit Points: 20 HP
    • Weapon: Minigun, 13 ATK
    • Additional Qualities: 10 Defense

The two pets of Amuletts, Haley and Sabine, head towards AHres. Unfortunately they’re really tiny so their movement is slow and they are intercepted by 6 of the Adorable Flying Shiny-Eyed Pink Octopi, 3 on each of them.  Ancire starts running in an attempt to hide behind Lady Taversia. He  narrowly escapes a full blast from Amuletts’ Epic Fail Device.  Since it is a beam orientated weapon it either needs a static target or closer proximity to hit.  In the meantime AHres jumps onto the 4′ high ledge encircling the arena.

Ancire and Taversia are both trying to get behind one another, however Taversia is also trying to operate her equipment whereas Ancire is not, therefore his reactions are slightly faster and he succeeds.  Meanwhile Sabine and Haley notice the Octopi flying towards them and turn to defend themselves.  The smaller Guinea pigs manage to out-maneuver the Octopi however they will still have to face them next round, not to mention the fierce kitty careening towards them all!  Taversia executes a back-flip but it doesn’t seem to achieve much.

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