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Self Portrait

I have it in my mind to redesign as it’s, like, a decade out of date. I think it should say ‘This is me’ and be a portal to all the things I do and my places on the web. A hub as it were. So the front page should have a picture of me then nice clear links off to Website Design, Fine Art, Epic Fail (of course) and Epic Maille. I may do the links in the form of speech bubbles.

I haven’t really been using the site to sell myself. I got a stalker off there a while back and ever since I’ve been nervous of putting up contact information. Also, if I have other website commissions I will put them first, neglecting my own. So… first things first, I need a picture of me. I’m an Artist, so just sticking up a photo would be lazy.

This is the first ever self-portrait I have done of myself using Photoshop. Turned out surprisingly well I think – looks like the practice I get drawing comics is paying off. I still haven’t got the knack of drawing with a Wacom Tablet, so I still did the pencils by hand and they’re part of the final image – I set the layer to multiply and the opacity to 70%. I think it adds more depth to the shading. Actually I think I might try something similar with Epic Fail; scan the pencils first, scan, ink, scan again and overlay one over the other… or something. I know what you’re thinking: that’s an awful lot of scanning, but I just use whatever method works for me.

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