Vote for your Favorite Badge Designs

I’m planning on getting some button badges made up to bring to Conventions; I’ll also be selling them in packs of 4 via my online store. It’d really help me out if you could tell me your favorites. Look at the pictures below and vote for the four you like best. The ones that get the most votes will be the ones that get made up – simple as that.

If you want a badge design that isn’t there or want to suggest other cool Epic Fail products please tell me in the comments below.

1) Amuletts
2) Clodin
3) D20 showing a 1
4) Dirk
5) Epic Fail Logo
6) Martin
7) Tinuvielle
8) Yoru
9) Epic Fail (Text only)
Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

7 replies on “Vote for your Favorite Badge Designs”

You know, if you were to make a more basic version of your logo without the characters in it that would become a more generic “Epic Fail” button you might end up selling more of them… while it would still advertise your comic, it could also appeal to non-readers as well who just want a funny button.

Heh, I’ve always held the belief that you should work the angle of producing product for advertising that also has mass appeal as well.

Hi hon.
Why don’t you do two packs, or for online sales a mix of four from the eight, I like all of them, I have voted but would like to see them all. Are you getting them made or are you gonna make them yourself? I’m just thinking, Crimbo coming an you can get sum wicked badge making kits. Might be a cheaper option, but I know nothing of this. Have you considered doing bumper stickers at all? You could have epic fail written along it with one of the designs above at the end. x

I added an ‘Epic Fail’ text design as per your suggestion, thanks – it’s a good one.

For anyone who voted before it got added and are now thinking ‘Grr I wanted to vote for that’ just leave a comment (or DM @amuletts on twitter if you want anonymity) and I’ll bear it in mind.

Badge makers are expensive, aprox £150. Cheaper ones are usually childrens toys and not very good, or the replacement badge parts prohibitably expensive. Nonetheless, I will consider it.

I have a friend who offered to make badges for me, but I don’t want to make a load that nobody wants or, indeed, abuse his good nature. At some point I’d like to have badges of all the major characters.

I am planning on producing other products – hadn’t thought of bumper stickers though! At the moment I’m thinking posters and postcards.

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