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Halloween Skull Facepaint

Skull / Undead Facepaint by Amy Letts

I’m pretty crazy about facepaint, I wish I had more time/excuses to do it. I had these pictures hanging around from a while ago and I figured they’re scary, it’s Halloween, why not post ’em?

This is a facepaint of a skull, although probably not anatomically correct. I was going more for ‘that’s just freaking scary’ because I’ve seen lots of face-painted skulls and never found then particularly frightening and frequently, well… FUNNY. This is a complete undead monstrosity!

The model is me; I did it using a mirror. The main base color is brown because it make it look like a really old skull and also allows for more interesting shading. I also added a few fine cracks to make it look really ancient. Yep, I scared some people with this.

Trick or treat?

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