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Wayward Fall Interview – Part 2

The Wayward Fall Interview with Taversia continues… Click here to go back and read part one.

Q6. What challenges do you face in a Live-Action (photo) comic compared to a cartoon one?

A6. Aside from the obvious health risks involved, such as standard fight choreography and the slave-driving of hungry, sleep-deprived actors who are often much bigger and more menacing than I am, other challenges faced are making sure the script properly aligns with the storyboarding of panels. I am both acting AND directing, so it is a little difficult to be doing that while seeing to it that the photographer is capturing the right angles for certain shots. The last shoot we had, it was a bit of a fight with some faulty equipment coupled with a race against time. We need natural lighting for the best shots, and getting all of the scenes we need in a timely fashion is often a pain when there is a full cast of characters to accommodate for. Eventually, the sun goes down and then it gets to be too dark to take pictures! Beyond that, I have many more hours ahead of me for editing and photoshop work.

Snippet from the vampire webcomic Wayward Fall by Taversia

Q7. Which Do you prefer?

A7. I definitely prefer to be drawing the pages myself! There’s just soooooo much less stress involved. It is a much more tedious process, but at least then I am relying completely on myself and not on the assistance of so many others! I know what I want, and communicating that to other people involved in this project (in the form of directing) while I am also managing everything else is quite exhausting. I wanted to do this as a nice change of pace, to keep things interesting! At least I’m never bored..

Q8. How has being a Webcomic Artist/Writer impacted on your lifestyle?Vigana, the vampire heroine of Wayward Fall

A8. Oddly enough… I am far more physically fit. You’d think it would be the other way around, but attending conventions dressed as my own character for promotional purposes has ensured that I have the motivation to keep in top physical shape! Or, at least reasonably so; hehe. That, and I am generally more sociable. It gives me an excuse to power network, and make new friends/acquaintances within the webcomic community. This carries over into my day-to-day life, as well (meeting the writer of Cetiya over a cup of coffee, for instance). Overall, I’m just more productive and active in general.

Q9. What do you know now that you wish you’d known when starting out?

A9. When the comic was first getting off the ground, I wasn’t quite sure about how to set the tone. Wayward Fall opens with a bit of comedic flair that has since dulled, over the course of the storyline. While there are certain amusing elements throughout, the story seems to have evolved into more of a drama than anything else. I feel like it doesn’t flow as well in the beginning, as opposed to where the plot is now. If there’s anything I wish I knew, it would probably be the general “feel” overall.

Q10. Do you think Vampires are blessed or cursed?

A10. That depends on how you look at it. There are obvious benefits to being a vampire, but also so many disadvantages… At least in my own interpretation of what it means to be a vampire in Wayward Fall. The leading lady, Vigana Videl, sees her vampiric affliction as nothing but a curse. She has scorned it since the day she was embraced; granted, the circumstances that lead to her vampirism didn’t exactly set a high note for her. Thus far in the story, it has lightly been touched up on, but more will be revealed later on. She has become quite jaded over the years, a far cry from her cheery disposition as a mortal young woman. I will also be extrapolating upon the mechanics of being a vampire as things progress; least of which being how whenever she cries, her tears come out as an expenditure of blood.

Thankyou for the Interview Taversia and good luck with Wayward Fall, particularly the experimental Live-Action version.

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