D&D Christmas Tree Ornaments

OMG! This is just too cool: hand-made Christmas tree ornaments that look like D20s!

I know you’re all wondering “what do D20’s have to do with the birth of Christ?” The answer to that is JESUS SAVES! Just like rolling a 20. See what I did there? All Christians now have a perfectly valid reason to decorate their trees with D20s 🙂

D&D Christmas Tree Ornaments D20s

I really want to make some of these. They are made of felt out of two hexagons sewn together and then stuffed. They’re hand sewn using three different kinds of stitch: oversewing for the edges, chain stitch for the lines (sewn straight from point-to-point) and running-stitch for the numbers, probably with embroidery thread.

The other decorations are retro-style nintendo controllers (also totally relevant). They’re all made by breemonkey on Craftster.orghere’s the original thread with more pictures.

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