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GM’s Day Sale

GAH! I am such a doofus! I totally missed that March the 4th was GMs Day, the Anniversary of Gary Gygax’s death (he’s rolling 20’s in heaven). Yep, I should probably hand in my geek credentials, but maybe I can earn them back. You see DriveThruRPG is holding a GMs Day sale BUT it lasts all week!

Man I would have felt bad if it had just been the one day and I missed it because DriveThru sell some really great RPG books and resources. I think 90% of their products are PDFs but that’s awfully handy for storage space, plus most of my Players are looking through RPG PDFs on their iPads during gaming sessions now. Our GM needs about 8 books to run a game and they’re awfully heavy if you have to carry them to the gaming venue. I still love books but I have to admit to being a bit seduced by PDFs particularly when it comes to gaming, largely due to the portability factor. Also they’re cheaper and arrive straight away!

DriveThruRPG apparently have THOUSANDS of things reduced by 25% as part of the GMs Day Sale – which is a lot! So take a look and stock up your gaming table. Click here to go to a list of all the reduced items at DriveThruRPG.

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