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Sunday Sketch #18 – Fugly

This is Fugly. I don’t think he was every officially christened, but everybody called him that so he assumed it was his name!

I’ve played Fugly in a few D&D games and he came number 3 in my ‘Favorite 5 Player Characters list.’ He is a classic example of Low Comliness i.e. he is physically unattractive – not to be confused with a low charisma character like Crunt. Fugly actually has a sweet nature that endeers him to people if only they will look past his appearance and get to know him (unfortunately few do).

He is a half-orc and his ugliness is a result of birth deformities which meant he was picked on by both Orcs and Humans and beaten regularly as a result. This left him with scars, a broken nose, cheekbone etc. that made him look even uglier. Unfortunately people can be cruel and judge by appearance. He also has low intellegence but I think that comes from being beaten round the head a little too often. Sad, eh?

Yeah I’m kinda mean to my characters…

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