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Top Ten Alternative uses for a D20

The D20 is no longer just a die used to generate random numbers, it has became a symbol to gamers everywhere, a symbol that we are proud to be gamers. To flant one is a kind of status symbol, a kind of geek chic. Many crafty geeks have been inspired by the D20, turning it to a variety of functions. I felt it was time for a top-ten list of alternative uses for the D20. This list is in order of creativity and unusualness.

So, when is a D20 not a D20? When it’s a…


10) FOOD

Arguably the best use of a D20, but also the most obvious, is to make it into something you can eat. I could probably make an entire post just about D20 convestibles. Here we have some D20 cookies, a D20 crispy cake, a D20 pecan pie (I was quite impressed by this one actually) and a D20 lolly pop.

D20 cookiesD20 pecan pieD20 cakeD20 Lollipop

You can get the D20 cookies from Geeky Cookies and the D20 Lollypops from ThinkGeek.


D20’s are not too difficult to convert into jewellery with the aid of a jewellery drill or some skill at wire-wrapping. It’s a great thing to wear for a little extra geek-cred. Below you will see a D20 Amulet and a D20 Hairstick!

d20 amulet pendant jewelryD20 Hairstick

You can buy the D20 amulet straight from ME (yes – I make them) in the Epic Fail Store and the D20 Hairstick is from Aliarose’s Etsy Store.


D20 Pillows add +2 to a good nights sleep. Besides sometimes your gaming all night long and when the action isn’t focused on you you might want to catch forty winks. You used to be able to buy these from ThinkGeek, but no longer. However by stitching or crochet you can make your own. If you’re looking for a pattern scroll down to the next entry, the Handbag, it’s pattern can be easily adapted to make a pillow as well!

D20 PillowD20 PillowD20 pillow thinkgeek

The D20 Pillows above were made by Xelerej and eli_makes from Craftster and ikeikegogo from Deviant Art.


You can use this D20 Handbag to carry your dice! And your purse! And… well… everything. How cool would you look walking around with one of these on your shoulder? It shouts “I’m a Gamer!” loud and proud.
D20 handbag

You can get the pattern and even order parts for the D20 Handbag from Evil Mad Science.


Perhaps Geeks don’t have the best reputation for cleanliness but with this D20 soap may be a gamechanger! You can get the giant D20 soap-on-a-rope version or the clear glycerin soap with lots of little soapy gaming dice inside.

The D20 Soap-on-a-rope is available from Geeksoap and the glycerin gamer soap is made by BlackWyrm Designs on Etsy.


This D20 plush puppet is a cross between a D20 and the Chain Chomp monster from The Legend of Zelda (it has a chain at the back and everything). I wants one!

The Chomp-D20 is available from Geeklore on Etsy.


This D20 stained glass clock is a really beautiful thing, although I’m not sure how easy it is to tell the time with… hmmm. At least you’ll have an excuse when games overrun!

The D20 clock is by DiceyDecor on Etsy and they do D20 stained glass Lamps as well which would probably have been in the running if I’d spotted them earlier but I’m too lazy to change my list now.


Ah. A D20 Flail. Or possibly and Epic Flail? You’re advised not to go ape-shit crazy with this and use the D20 Flail as an actual weapon, but, theoretically, you could.

You can get the D20 Flail from Silver Dragon Studio.


It’s traditional to have fluffy dice hanging from your rear-view mirror, and as a gamer you could have fluffy D20s, but we all know they’re distracting and accident causing. A much safer, and far more impressive option is to have a D20 gearstick.

D20 gearstick

I have no idea who made the D20 gearstick, it was just a picture floating around the interwebz.


A D20 as a Burlesque costume is impressive and shows a level of commitment unmatched by other gamers. Of course if you are a girl-gamer all the guys at the table will be drooling over you regardless but with this even more so.

D20 Burlesque

The D20 Burlesque Costume was made by Burlesque Performer Anja Keister and you can see more pictures of it in pingstanton’s photostream on Flickr.

This feature was by Amy Letts, if you like my stuff why not follow me on twitter?

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