ThinkGeek are offering FREE Spitballs with purchases $20 and over – they’re fun little polymer balls that absorb water. If you throw them lightly they bounce but if you throw them hard they explode! To get your free spitballs enter the code DETENTION on checkout. ThinkGeek are also giving away free Geek Pride Day Buttons while stocks last.


Also DriveThru RPG are giving away a free RPG system book fot the Indie RPG 21 Guns. It’s a pdf so you just download it – no postage costs even!

Free Product of the Week


Free weekly product21 Guns
by Coyote Press

SYSTEM: Custom

An indie role playing game that celebrates the Stephen King’s Dark Tower Saga. It’s a free 2 pages RPG. Easy to play for 4 to 6 players.

Once upon a time a great Kingdom reigned over the world, enlightening and protecting the peoples. The High King, Arthur David was seated on the throne and 100 great Knights attended him with honor. The Knights of the Kingdom sheltered the Hinges of the Universe, mystical forces that Ordered the World, but they made the mistake of substituting the magic of the Hinges with technology… 

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