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Lovely Jubilee Holiday

It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend tomorrow which means an extra-long bank holiday so I’m taking the opportunity to go on holiday and see Hedingham Castle in Essex. Hedingham Castle is the one which Kasper’s Castle in the comic is based on so I intend to take lots of photos for reference! There’s also a Knights of England Jousting Event going on Sunday & Monday with – you guessed it – jousting as well as have-a-go archery (I will have a go!), a craft fair, food fair and other awesome stuff I’m sure.

I’m going to make this a travelling holiday and go on my bicycle. The train route to Hedingham is involves going through the centre of London and I expect it will be crazy busy with Jubilee celebrations. I don’t travel well in vehicles, especially in crowded places (I get panic attacks) and it would take a long time. The route is much shorter across country and I can take my time and enjoy the scenery.

From my starting point on Oxford I’ll be going through Thame, Aylesbury, Whipsnade (cool Zoo here), Kimpton, Stanstead Mountfitchet (there’s a Castle there too!) until I eventually arrive at Castle Hedingham. I’ve not got to rush so it should be a nice, leisurely ride and I’ll be able to visit some of the local attractions along the way! I just hope the weather is good! (If it’s not I’ll find the nearest public transport and get on it).

I don’t have a fancy iPad or Android, so I’ll be uploading the photos from my adventures when I get back.

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