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NaNoWriMo 2012

This month I am participating in National Novel Writers Month, aka NaNoWriMo. This is an international challenge to all writers to write 50,000 words during the month of November. It is like a marathon for writers. It’s also a big kick up the butt for people like me who say ‘I’d like to write a Novel someday’ to stop putting that day of and actually do it!

This is my first attempt; I am a NaNoWriMo virgin. So I’m looking for writing buddies to encourage me and help me through this. My NaNoWriMo username is amuletts (as it is pretty much everywhere), so if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo too add me. I will be working on a piece of fantasy fiction called ‘Desert Story.’ It’s about eeevil characters!


Wilf and Gladys are assassins, exiled to the desert after a political upheaval. Survival is treacherous, precarious. When they find a genie bottle they believe their luck has changed, but what they release is an evil Ifriti, angry from its long imprisonment and intent on destroying all life. They also release a human, Tam Y’lset, who originally helped capture the Ifriti but in doing so became trapped with it. Having spent a thousand years sharing it’s prison he is insane and obsessed with revenge. Now these three anti-heroes must work together to undo what they have done, put the genie back in the bottle, and save the world.


“You know I always admired your professional detachment,” Gladys chided cruelly. She could only be patient and kind for so long. It wasn’t really in her nature.
Wilf rounded on her. “Gods woman! You think I can just kill you like anybody else, as if you were just another contract?”
“I think you’re capable of anything,” she said.
Wilf angrily turned away from her. She had rendered him speechless.
“It’s a complement!” she insisted, “You’re a cold-blooded killer. Fortunately that’s just what I need right now.”


Anyway, wish me luck! Hopefully I will succeed in writing 50,000 words and therefore be a NaNoWriMo Winner instead of an epic failure!

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