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Support Moonhawk Studios’ Kickstarter

Moonhawk Studios is a great podcast about webcomics, print and web media in general. I was interviewed on their show in July 2012 (here’s a direct link to listen to the episode) and it’s also one of the things I listen to whilst making comics!

Well at the moment Moonhawk Studios is running a Kickstarter to try to raise $300 for new microphones and software to make the podcast better and also produce two holiday specials. In return they are offering their eternal gratitude and various levels of exclusive involvement with the show, like questioning guests (such as your favorite webcomic creator!), writing gags or even taking over the whole show for an episode as guest-host! Check out the Kickstarter for more details.

It’s a great show but the quality is suffering due to lack of new equipment which this fundraiser could provide making it more enjoyable for all. And it is really enjoyable. Even if you don’t back the project just have a listen. Support them if you can.

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