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Webcomic Kickstarter: Black Snow Two Drink Minimum

Michael Balistreri, my friend and fellow member of United Webcomics, is endeavouring to fund his Graphic Novel ‘Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum.’

It’s a combination of gritty superhero drama and dark humour. Black Snow is the name of the chain-smoking, alcoholic “superhero” who aspires for fame, but has settled for greed, as he has turned helping people in trouble into a business. He has an incredible variety of super powers, but can’t manage to control any of them.

Michael’s goal is $4000 to make it happen! Rewards include up to three separate volumes of comic books between aproximately 100 – 200 pages each, custom art commissions and the opportunity to design a character for the series. Other rewards include hats, T-shirts, bottle openers and more!

Support Black snow and get this Graphic Novel printed.

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