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Look! I’m in a Card Game!

It’s arrived! I pre-ordered the WAGON Webcomic Battle ‘Geek Deck’ and it’s finally here with six cards illustrated by yours truly. They’re great cards with cool powers that trow a little chaos into the game 😉


The Geek Deck is themed around the power of the Geek, which is to combine the forces of deceptively weak-looking characters and use unothodox strategy to overcome seemingly unbeatable opponents. Truly in this dawn of a new begining, the Geek shall inherit the Earth.

The Geek Deck includes cards from the webcomics:

AdrastusEpic Fail (that’s me!)Cartridge
Zorphbert & FredSilent PirateEvil Plan

I’m really proud to share a project with such an amazing group of creators!

Now lets look at the cards:

WAGON208-epicfailThe ‘Epic Fail’ card cancels the last (instant) plot device or special ability used as an action against your field is ignored (it’s assumed to have epic failed)!

WAGON174-amulettsWith Amuletts on your team once per round, when one of your Characters attacks or is attacked you may flip a coin. If heads your Character gains a +2 Power bonus for duration of the battle. If tails your Character instead suffers a -2 Power penalty.

WAGON177-clodinClodin gains a +3 Power bonus whenever fighting a [Monster] Character. Clodin also suffers a -2 Power penalty whenever fighting a [Flying] Character.

WAGON189-martinAll Plot Devices or Special Abilities in play anywhere on the field that causes a change in a Character’s Power also effect Martin.

Martin’s OFF or DEF Power cannot fall below 0.

WAGON190-gryphonThe equipped Character gains the [Flying] Attribute.

When fighting against (Fighter) Characters, the equipped Character gains a +1 Power Bonus.

When fighting against (Mystical) Characters, the equipped Character suffers a -1 Power Penalty.

WAGON207-conflictYour Opponent’s 2 strongest Characters on the field that are in Offensive Position must immediately battle each other. If less than 2 Characters are in Offensive Position this card has no effect. Treat this battle normally with all Plot Devices and Special Abilities being in effect. (Instant) Plot Devices may also be used by any player.

This battle does not create an Attack of Opportunity.

There are 54 cards total in the Geek deck. Have you got yours yet? You can order it here.

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