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Character Design: Jira of the Singing Axe

The next few pages of Epic Fail are going to be a flash-back to an earlier adventure where the PCs met Loki. Now since the party make-up was completely different then (aside from Amuletts & Martin) I’m having to create some new character designs.

This is Jira of the Singing Axe. She is a female fighter who would not be seen dead in bikini-mail!!

As you can see I have a couple of armor designs for her. I dug out her character sheet and she is supposed to wear Banded Mail (an armor somewhere between chain & plate). Neither of these are actually banded mail because that was a poorly-designed, inflexible armor whose use was quickly abandoned. So design number 1 is based on Gladiator armor over chain whilst 2 is more like Mongol/mirrored armor (but it’s fantasy so I can totally make stuff up!).

Which design do you like best? Tell me in the comments!

Female Fighter Jira of the Singing Axe

On and FYI design No. 1 was drawn traditionally whereas No. 2 was drawn with my new Cintiq 15X. Can you tell?

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Either works for me. She had a better Dex than Strength, so whichever one allows for slightly more flexibility. She looks like somebody who could headbutt a snow-demon to death whilst entangled in a web, though, as, indeed, she did!

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