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Character Designs: Dalion & Minerva

Character Designs for Dalion & Minerva – more of the ‘original crew’ of the adventuring party now known as Shieldless (and previously known as ‘hey you guys’). Want to know something cute? These two got married (the Players not the Characters)!

Dalion is a geriatric Halfling Mage who, due to being small and wrinkly, we nicknamed Raisin. He wasn’t always a Halfling; he used to be an Elf but died many times (actually on the day Amuletts met the party they were dragging his corpse around), failed his system-shock, and the only way to bring him back was a reincarnation spell. This is what he came back as. It could have been worse.

Minerva is not a Bard, she was just very fond of Bagpipes. She is a human cleric of Idun, the Norse keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness, and as such she always appears 18 (regardless of her actual physical age).


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