Dice Shaming: The Geeky trend that’s catching on.

You may have heard of Pet Shaming – where pets are photographs next to notes explaining their bad behaviour. But what about those misbehaving dice, eh? Shouldn’t they be ashamed of ruining your winning strategy with their terrible rolls? Well fear not – because Dice Shaming is now a thing and it’s catching on!


This is the one that started it all, as far as we know. Petrified and on fire? One things for sure: they won’t be able to Stop, Drop and Roll.


Death by a thousand cuts! …Asumming the Ogre also rolled 1s. …The Ogre didn’t roll 1s, did he?
By @Andromeda63130

The danger of rolling dice on uneven surfaces!

By @avsfan877


“Don’t worry! We’ll save you! … Nope… Nope… Nope… Nope! Are you still alive? … Nope!”

By Bishoop47


Well, A D4 is basically a caltrop. You really shouldn’t leave them lying around on the floor.

By @cgronlund


‘Nuff said.

By @critshow


As an entire warren of baddies is alerted.

By @customminis


Just assume your character is walking around with their eyes closed.

By Damosays on Tumblr


Even GMs feel the pain…

By @DexellaCM


Hey! You can’t complain they won’t roll 3s if you’ve rubbed the 3s off and replaced them with frowny faces!

By @dicehateme

I’ve done my best to credit people for these. If Ive missed someone or credited the wrong person please let me know.

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