United Webcomics Swimsuit Special 2014

It’s time for one of them awesome cross-webcomic events. It’s summer and time for a Swimsuit Special with lots of webcomics participating. Please check out the links below to see some fantastic swimsuit-themed art! We at United Webcomics are a very body positive crowd, so some NSFW. I think mine gets by – just!

This was supposed to go up on the 21st but in the grand tradition of Failing Epically I managed to miss a deadline, myself, I set!

You’re probably going to say ‘but I see no swimwear!’ Well, I drew my entire cast in swimsuits last year so I figured I’d be imaginative with this theme. Why do you wear a swimsuit? Why – to go swimming! So I drew Dirk going for a swim. Alright, I sneaked Amuletts in there too; she likes to shape-change into a fish for swimming. The red and black colour scheme should be a dead give-away.

Anyhow, this gave me a bit of a challenge regarding painting an underwater scene. What does a splash look like underwater? What about the surface of the water from below? Actually this is not a million miles away from How Deep and How Far, if you ever saw that painting. Except that was of a merman.

United Webcomics Summer Swimsuit Special

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