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10 More Amazing Origami Dragons

You’ve seen 10 Amazing Origami Dragons? Well this is 10 MORE Amazing Origami Dragons!

I am delighted to make another list of beautiful and impressive Origami Dragons and include those designs I couldn’t fit into the first one. Again this is just a list, not a ‘top ten,’ because I just don’t think it would be fair to rank them; they are all beautiful and original in their own right.

1. 3-Headed Red Dragon

‘Pure’ Origami made from a single piece of by 120cmX120cm paper by Dragon Knight 2.0 on Flickr where you can see more pictures of this dragon plus more they have made. It is incredible! Who would have thought it was possible to make a triple-headed dragon from a single piece of paper? And the heads are so detailed and expressive. This really is a masterpiece!

2. Knight Davion by obelisk

An origami knight riding a Dragon from one sheet paper size:1.2mX1.2m – WOW! I find it unbelievable that some one could make a single figure just out of folded paper, but to make two figures, the dragon and its rider, integrated together with origami is just… inconceivable! This is awe-inspiring.

3. 3D Oriental Dragon

by cpcentral on Deviant Art. An oriental style paper dragon made from many triangular pieces of paper slotted together. This is a very long way from ‘pure origami’ but the paper-slotting method makes it much easier to make complicated designs as well as use different colours, as you can see. This is the first paper dragon I have seen with googly eyes!

4. Book-Wyrm, a literal dragon

by Joseph Wu. Is it a book? Is it a Dragon? It’s both! So original and creative not to mention excellently executed! It is called a ‘Literal Dragon’ as in ‘A Dragon meant to be read’ as opposed to a ‘Literary Dragon’ as in ‘A Dragon who reads.’ The name is a very clever play on words.

5. Origami Dragon with paper to print

origami-dragon2using patterned printed paper by Jaque Davis who kindly supplies the paper pattern for you to print out for yourself. The origami pattern dragon itself is from a YouTube video tutorial by NekkoArt. It is 2-pice, so not ‘pure’ origami (which is usually done with a single sheet of paper) but it’s very creative. The patterned paper adds a whole new level.

Here is another by Jaque Davis using a different paper (right).

6. Flying origami dragon

Designed and folded by Gen Hagiwara from uncut 78cm square papers. It’s good to see an origami dragon with a decent wing span; this design is very convincing as it really looks as though the dragon could fly! The pose is very dynamic; the dragon looks frozen mid-action.

7. Western Dragon


origami-western-dragon (2)Designed by Shuki Kato folded from one 21″ square of tracing paper, the western dragon stands 5 1/2″ tall. This is version 3 of this design; the artist keeps revising and improving it. Take a peek at version one and two. It looked amazing to start with but these revisions have made it even more so adding multiple spines to the head and tail. The details on the head are particularly impressive! I suspect the body has been spray-painted blue after folding, with the wings left plain white, creating a marvellous contrast.

8. Fire-breathing dragon

origami-dragon-9 origami-dragon9a

made out of dollar bills by Dollar Artist Marc Sky. This is a creative use of materials and I especially like how the dollar bill’s design has been utilized to make the dragon’s eyes. Due to it’s small size the design has to be kept very simple but sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful! The head and body are each made with separate 1 dollar bills then slotted together.

9. Golden Dragon

origami-dragon10 origami-dragon10a

by Kade Chan, paper size : 1:33.
The amazing thing about this dragon is all the individual scales. Unlike the ‘3D Oriental Dragon’ shown further above, this ones scales are made from intricate folding, not separate segments. This level of detail is simply mind-blowing!

10. Book Dragon

Another ‘Book Wyrm.’ Okay, this is not actual origami, but artists are allowed to break the rules a little and I like throwing in an ‘odd-ball’! Made by cutting and folding multiple pages of a book this is really a 3D paper sculpture of a dragon but there’s no denying it is seriously awesome! Unfortunately I do not know who made it.

Which is your favourite? Is there an origami dragon you think should be on my list but didn’t make it? Leave a comment!

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Amazing art you lovely folk!! Get yourselves to Hollywood or better still start your own film company and make those origami dragon move! 🙂

Amazing art you lovely folk!! Get yourselves to Hollywood or better still start your own film company and make those origami dragon move! 🙂

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