Epic Fail Pizza

Epic Fail now has it’s own Pizza thanks to Dominoes Pizza’s Legendary Pizza Creator! Dominoes kindly let me create my own Epic Fail Pizza for free (thanks). this is what I made:

Epic Fail Pizza

This is a large ten slice pizza with maxed out toppings. It is truely epic – perfect for gaming night. Here are the ingredients: Large Domino’s Stuffed Crust® Cheese & Sauce: 2x Mozzarella Cheese, Sundried Tomato and Garlic Sauce Toppings: 1x Red Onions, 1x Sweetcorn, 1x Mushrooms, 1x Tuna, 1x Domino’s Herbs, 2x Baby Spinach.

It tasted great particularly the stuffed crust and sundried tomatoes. You can order your own with a 30% Discount by following this link (and also watch a cool animation). Or you could make your own Pizza Legend. Also check out the Pizza Legends Hall of Fame where you can vote for all the best Pizzas.

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