10 Amazing Ice Dragon Sculptures

10 Amazing Ice Dragon Sculptures for you to enjoy. These ice sculptures are all amazing so this isn’t a top ten list. But maybe you will choose your favourites?

1. Fire Breathing Ice Dragon

Fire Breathing Ice Dragon

From Lyman Orchards Winterfest, Connecticut. How did they get Dragon made of ice to breath fire without meting itself?

2. Two Ice Dragon Riders

Two ice dragons with riders

I believe this one is from the Ice Alaska World Ice Art Championships. It is an amazing ice sculpture of not one, but two ice dragons both with riders.

3. Red Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon 3

Red Dragon Ice sculpture at the Ottawa winterlude photo by Jay on Flickr Is the redness down to lighting or is the ice dyed? Perhaps it’s a gigantic cherry Popsicle! Yum.

Ice Dragon 4

Photo by pixxiefish on Flickr , distance shot of the same Ottawa Winterlude Ice Sculpture. I guess the red was lighting after all.

4. Dragon versus Knight

Ice Dragon 5

Ice Dragon 5a

Ottawa Winterlude Photo by Gord Bell on Flickr. Close-up by Alex Pierre. here a brave Knight faces off against a vicious dragon. It breaths fire and he raises his shield to fend off the attack. This is a real action shot frozen in time.

5. Asian Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon 6

Asian Ice Dragon outside outside the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Photo by andai on Flickr.

6. Winterlude Dragon

Ice Dragon 7

Ice Dragon 7aWinterlude Dragon Work in Progress photo by Christine Hand on Flickr. Completed ice sculpture 2007 photo by Jim & Laura. The work in progress photo really gives a sense of the amount of work that goes into making these. This ice dragon is made of multiple blocks of ice.


7. ‘Who Is the Fairest of them All?’

ice dragon 12

An ice sculpture at Lake Louise, CA. Photo by Wandering Sole Images. This Ice Dragon is admiring its own reflection in an ice mirror.

8. Fairy Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon 13

From the 2013 Ice Alaska world ice art championship in Fairbanks, AK. Photo by Matthew Copper. This dragon has insect-like wings similar to a dragonfly. The beautiful lighting really sets it off. It looks like a fairy dragon.


9. Ice Dragon Chasing its tail!

Ice Dragon 15

Photo by Karla Brown. 2010. Delta Junction Is it me or does this dragon look like it’s about to attack its own tail? I think its wings are very impressive and it looks amazing in the natural landscape.

10. Dragon Hunter

A maiden is about to be sacrificed to the dragon and a brave knight must save her. This looks a little bit like a scene from the movie Dragonslayer. This beautiful ice sculpture was created by Brice and Brice. Photo by Aaron Corbell

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