10 Even More Amazing Origami Dragons

You’ve seen 10 Amazing Origami Dragons and 10 More Amazing Origami Dragons. How can we possibly top that? With 10 EVEN MORE amazing origami dragons for you to enjoy! This is just a list, not a ‘top ten,’ because I just don’t think it would be fair to rank them – they are all amazing! These have been chosen not only for their beauty and skill but for their originality in the hopes that they will inspire you. Which are your favourites?

The names I have used are those given them by the artists.

 1. Ryujin 3.5

Ryujin 3.5 origami dragon

Ryujin 3.5 by Satoshi Kamiya is a beautiful and complicated oriental origami dragon. It’s crease pattern can be found in the book ‘World of Super Complex Origami’ (and boy is it super complex!) The level of detail is mind-blowing.

2. Three-Headed Dragon

Three-Headed origami Dragon

This three-headed dragon was designed by Nguyen Nam Son on Flickr and made using tissue foil paper, painted one side with acrylic colour. It’s made from a single sheet of paper measuring: 64cm x 64cm. A cp of the design can be found in the VOG (Vietnam Origami Group) Book 2. It’s really amazing how the origami artist managed to get all those heads out of one piece of paper! And it looks very lifelike.
A tutorial for a 3-headed dragon can also be found on YouTube.

3. Medieval Dragon

Medieval origami Dragon

By Zing Man Origami, This medieval Dragon in the western tradition is the type that flies and breathes fire. It is has a very detailed body with claws and horns. It’s face is particularly expressive. It is based on an earlier design.
Zing Origami Publications produce some very cool books on how to make origami.

4. Green Dragon

green origami dragon

by Brian Chan
This green, long-bodied dragon is wingless like oriental dragons. It is made from a single piece of Paper. Brian Chan makes all kinds of things with his origami ranging from animals and birds to origami Iron Man!

5. Double Color Dragon

double color origami dragon

The contrasting colours used in the design of this origami dragon make it look incredible! A colourful twist on the ancient dragon design by Satoshi Kamiya Rydos on Flickr used uncut red/blue 90x90cm square Hanji(Korean) paper to create this double colour origami dragon. It really is a striking effect!


6. Flame Dragon & Are You Afraid of Dragons?
flame origami dragon




tiny origami dragon


It seems that these two tiny dragons, Flame Dragon by Folded Wilderness on Deviantart and Are You Afraid of Dragons by Gonzalo on Flickr are both based on the same design (which can be found here). Both are folded from single sheets of paper, I believe 10″ square and 8″ square respectively. The top image has been adjusted in photoshop by the artist to create added drama. The lower (and smaller) dragon is folded out of newspaper.

7. Zoanoid Dragon Ver.2

origami zoanoid dragon ver 2

Origami Zoanoid Dragon Ver.2 was designed by Shuki Kato aka  origami-artist-galen on Deviantart and folded from one 30 inch square sheet of tracing paper, painted with acrylic spray paint.
it has a  13″ wingspan and is  7″ tall. The size and detail of this origami dragon is very impressive. You can see every scale, every spine, tooth and claw. The glossy paint helps make it look more realistic. Shuki Kato has since revised this design.


8. Dragon (1.2)

origami dragon 1.2
Designed and folded by Tran Trung Hieu on Flickr (c) Sep 2009. Patterned Paper is used creatively in the creation of this origami dragon to create the texture of the scales. The pose is extremely graceful. This dragon shows how you can be creative not only with design but with materials.

9. Gigantic Eastern Dragon
Gigantic Eastern origami Dragon

This gigantic origami eastern dragon by Himanshu Agrawal on Flickr is 25 feet long. Made as part of a  cultural exhibition organised by the Indo-Japanese Association and the Japanese Consulate. It has 3200 scales and too 6 days to make.

10. St. George and the Dragon
St. George and the origami DragonPerhaps not the most spectacular Dragon in and of itself, but as part of the overall scene it’s great. The Dragon, horse, knight, his shield and spear are all separate pieces of origami assembled into this performance of Saint George and the Dragon.

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