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10 More Amazing Animatronic Dragons

You’ve seen 10 Amazing Animatronic Dragons, now it’s time for 10  More Amazing Animatronic Dragons! Some of these are a little more robot, some are a little more puppet, all are awesome and extremely geeky! This isn’t ranked as I love all animatronic Dragons equally. Which are your favourites?

1 Draconicon


Raveleijn is an theatre at Efteling Amusement Park in the Southern Netherlands.
Raveleijn is the name of the city where the 5 Raven Riders will be. A magic portal turns 5 Ravens into horses and 5 children ito Riders with the power of the 5 elements: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. Now they have the power to defeat Count Olaf but he has created a giant 5-headed Dragon called Draconicon that might be beyond all of them!
All 5 dragon heads breath fire and both horses and riders are dwarfed in comparison to this massive beast in the live show.

2 Undead Animatronic Dragon

This Undead animatronic Dragon made its appearance during the Canival Flower Parade in Nice 2011.

3 Kronos

animatronic dragon kronos by brian burns

Kronos is an animatronic Dragon with person-tracking technology, He was build by Brian Burns, an engineering graduate from Georgia Southern University, as his master’s thesis project. His movements are controlled by an infrared camera and a computer program Burns wrote from scratch.
Kronos lays with his eyes closed until someone enters the room, then he opens his eyes and moves his head to follow them. If they get too close he acts aggressively, thrashing his tail and spreading his wings to make himself look bigger. It’s unknown whether he breathes fire if you don’t back away off because no one has ever dared the dragons wrath! He’s the perfect guard for your treasures!
Brian Burns has landed a drean job at Disney Imagineers.

4 Robosaurus

animatornic dragons robot dragon Robosaurus
“Robosaurus” is described as a dinosaur robot, but it breathes fire and I don’t know any dinosaurs that do that so it sounds like a Dragon to me! It was created by Doug Malewicki in 1989 and is currently owned by Monster Robots Inc. It was based on ‘Transformers (robots in disguise) and turns into a 48-foot semi trailer. In Dragon/Dino form it stands at 40 feet and has giant claws that can crush cars.

Honourable Mention: Draco the Dragonator

Photo by pinkpollyanna on Flickr

A Monster Truck in the form of a Dragon. It has wings and can breath fire.

5 Lo Monstre

animatronic dragon Lo MONSTRE

Lo Monstre is a wooden animatronic Dragon with horns, wings and a tail, controlled by two people. Street shows run for 45 minutes and there is no story, they are instead glimpses into the life of a Dragon. The idea is to make the animatronic puppet come alive for the audience like a real animal. They see it eat sleep, walk, be frightened, angry fearful, curious and try to fly.

6 Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon is a 15 metre aluminium cruise Boat with an animatronic dragon head that breathes both fire and water. It was created by Yanobe Kenobe. The Dragon moves it neck and wings and has glowing red eyes. It is named after a fishing boat, Lucky Dragon 5, that was exposed to fallout from US nuclear weapons tests. The boat was built to celebrate the Aqua Metropolis Festival in Osaka in 2009.

7 Oriana

Oriana is a Dragon of the small, cute and fluffy variety, and I expect a much better house pet than our other entries (many of whom you could not even get through the door!) She is 3 foot tall and covered in velvetine. She moves her head in all directions, wags her tail and responds when stroked.
Oriana the Dragon was created by KatieOsika on DeviantArt (and is not for sale).

8 Mythical Beast

animatronic dragons mythic beast

While this may be stretching the definition of animatronic dragon this radio-controlled jet powered dragon was too cool to leave out. Mythical Beast can breath fire that is ignited with a 50,000 volt stun gun and can fly at up to 100mph.
Mythical Beast’s creator Richard Hamel was watching ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ when he noticed the dragon tails resembled that of an aircraft design known as an ‘inverted V-tail’. From then on he started wondering if he could build an actual flying dragon. It turns out he could.

9 Dragon of Fortune

animatronic dragon of fortune

The beautifully sculpted animatronic Dragon of Fortune can be found at the Wynn Hotel, Macau.
The floor opens up and the dragon spirals out of the floor, eyes glowing, blowing smoke from its nostrils. It moves its head back and forth to look at a glowing lotus flower open. A stunning ceiling, covered in designs of the Chinese zodiac, opens up, beginning a spectacular lights show. Then the lotus flower closes and the Dragon of Fortune descends back into the floor.

10 Merlin’s Dragon Disneyland

This Dragon can be found at Disneyland, Paris, beneath ‘Le Chateau de la Belle au Boris Bormant’ aka Sleeping Beautys Castle. It lives in La Taniere Du Dragon’ or The Dragons Lair.
I think it has been nicknamed ‘Merlins Dragon because the Dragons Lair is next to Merlins shop.
Merlin’s Dragon is described as defeated. She is in chains and has been forgotten at the bottom of the castle where she appears to sleep. However she craves freedom and will fight to break out of her prison. The audio-animatronic starts out motionless with its eyes closed but responds to the visitors gaze, lifting its head and seemingly looking for a way out! The attention to detail in the dragon itself as well as the dungeon environment makes it a work of art.

Watch videos of the animatronic dragons and see them come to life!

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