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Epic Fail – Relaunch!

Epic Fail is returning in October!

It will be monthly,  and I’m also re-launching my Patreon as a monthly subscription.

October is also Inktober! And I’m going to be participating this year!! (I’m kinda nervous about that, but I’ll try it and see how it goes).

You may have noticed I’ve been developing my art beyond the comics: Improving my portraiture, drawing animals for fun, and generally experimenting creatively.

I want to continue doing this, so in addition to the comic you will get to see what I’m doing creatively.

Patreons will get a more in-depth look into my process: Behind the scenes, Work-in-progress photos, videos, streams, time-lapses, etc.

I have lots of ideas for content you might like, including funny, out-of-context gaming quotes (as I play D&D up to three times a week) Cute Guinea-Pig photos, and art experiments where I try out different methods & materials.

I’d like to try vlogging, but I’m a bit self-conscious of talking directly to camera so I’d prefer to make videos where I speak through an animated character.

For those of you who were concerned by my hiatus I stopped updating due to chronic migraines. I was in pain almost every day, not just a little pain either: Traumatic, nightmarish, debilitating pain.

In turn this impacted my mental health. It’s really hard to stay positive when in constant pain. Because of light sensitivity I couldn’t draw or look at a computer screen.

After a lot of trial and error I’ve found a medication that really helps me. I’m doing a lot better and feel I’m ready to live again.

I’ve discovered a lot about my own coping mechanisms – Art is really important; it reduces my anxiety and improves my mood, So It’s literally keeping me sane!

If you become my Patreon now (or are already) you won’t be charged until the 1st of October. I’ll make a personalized video for everyone who joins or upgrades during september.  

Thank you for your support.

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