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10 Amazing Dragon Sculptures

10 amazing Dragon Sculptures to blow your mind with their sheers size, detail and creativity. This may be the closest thing to meeting a dragon in real life.

This is not a ‘Top Ten’ – we love all dragons equally here. But we’d love to know which one is your favorite.

1) Borrego Springs (California) Dragon-Serpent

This 350 foot dragon serpent by Dennis Avery is the largest of 130 sculptures in Galleta Meadows Estates, California, which is open to the public. It’s serpentine body appears to undulate beneath the ground even passing beneath a road to emerge the other side.

2) Driftwood Dragon

IMAGE: James Doran-Webb
IMAGE: James Doran-Webb

James Doran-Webb (pictured with his creation) is an incredible sculptor who works in the Philippines creating creatures out of drift wood. Best known for his driftwood horses, he also makes Dragons such as the one pictured above named ‘‘The Wyvern in the Baobabs’ situated at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay in a forest of 2,000 year old Senegalese Baobab trees. It is made of driftwood and a metal frame to support its weight. Perched on a dead tree, it makes for an imposing sight, and looks like it is poised to take flight at any moment.

3) Recycled Metal Dragon

Made by Tom Samui in 2018 from recycled car and motorcycle parts this life-size dragon stands 5 meters tall. It is so detailed you can see all the musculature. The parts are welded together by hand, then polished and varnished to prevent rust.

4) Dragon Skull on Charmouth Beach

This sculpture of a Giant Dragon Skull appeared on Charmouth beach, dorset, in 2013. Measuring 400 foot by 8 foot it was a promotion by blinkboxfor Game of Thrones.

5) Soda Can Dragon

IMAGE CREDIT: Evan Bench on Flickr
IMAGE CREDIT: Evan Bench on Flickr

Made entirely from recycled aluminium cans this dragon is located in the Paris Zoological Park at the Jardin de Plantes.

6) Dragon Family

Another project inspired by Game of Thrones, this animatronic Dragon Sculpture progresses, as if the Dragons are going through a life cycle. First there was one dragon head, then two, then there were eggs. Eventually the eggs hatched and baby dragons came out!

Their names are Dewi (daddy dragon), Dwynwen (mummy dragon) and baby dragons Dylan and Cariad. They toured Wales in 2017 as part of Visit Wales ‘Live the Legends’ campaign. Starting with Kidwelly Castle, then on to Harlech Castle, Beaumaris Castle and finally a Dragon’s Lair at Caerphilly Castle. 

7) Dewi the Dragon

IMAGE CREDIT: Huw Harlech on Flickr

Dewi the Dragon is built overlooking Harlech castle in Wales, gurading both the Castle and the entance to Min-y-Don Holiday Home and Touring Park.  Artist Anthony Peacock created Dewi in 2010, making him from 78 square meters of steel. Dewi measures 16 feet by 10, and is 11 foot high and is named after the patron saint of wales (‘David’ in English). He assumes the same stance as the red dragon depicted on the Welsh flag.

8) Water Dragon

This giant transparent dragon sculpture was made by Claire Tracey in 2012 for the The Chinese Museum. Made from recycled water bottles to emphasize sustainability the public art piece explored Chinese culture.  It won the MAGNA Award for Sustainability. The transparency of the bottles really does create the illusion that this dragon is made out of water. At night the dragon glows from the inside using LEDs.

9) Chinese Dragon Pillars

Photo credit: Scrap Metal Art Thailand

These towering, 23 foot tall dragon pillars make for a dramatic entry way.

10) Korean Dragons

These amazing two-story Korean Dragons made of wicker appear at the Gimje Horizon Festival (held since 1999) and tower overhead, dwarfing the people beneath. The Gimje Horizon Festival is a celebration of agriculture, and Korean Dragons are traditionally associated with agriculture and water; benevolent being believed to be the bringers of rain. These two hold Dragon Orbs (Yeouiju) in their mouths which give them the power of creation. Their orbs and eyes glow at night, and they are lit up by a light show and fireworks.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these amazing dragons sculptures. Which was your favorite?

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