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Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2020

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2020. This year Epic Fail and 47 other webcomics are once again fighting the good fight for body and sex positivity. Maybe we’re also pushing back against the loneliness Valentine’s Day can cause.

Don’t be lonely; there are 48 nudes for you to find. It’s like an Easter Egg hunt but with Bewbs and Cawk. Don’t forget to visit all of them (list below)

Below is Epic fail’s contribution: a nude ‘pin-up’ of Amuletts. I put up a poll on Patreon and she won! Is she actually popular? Or just deemed most likely among the characters to get naked?

This time I drew her inside a ring of fire, in a challenging foreshortened pose, plus cool lighting (due to the flame). If she looks a bit demonic, trust me, it’s just the light. (Process video of this on my Patreon.)

Fan Art Recieved

Elf Girl Birthday Art by Mark Egan

Mark Egan of RAWRtacular Comics (which publishes of Back Office and Bata Neart) has made a beautiful piece of Birthday Art for me of a young Amuletts smiling while rushing into battle. We can only suppose this is a rear attack. That’s the expression you pull when you spot a lovely rear to attack.

Elf Girl by Mark Egan

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Sexy Bunny Day 2018

Happy Easter care of Sexy Bunny Day from United Webcomics.

Since Easter and April Fools Day fall on the same day this year it only made sense that Amuletts become an Easter Fool.

Other comic artists participating are:
Beta Neart:
Bridge U:
Raspberry Rain

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Blame Someone Else Day 2015

It’s Friday the 13th known to some as Blame Someone Else Day, so me and a bunch of other artists from United Webcomics are taking this opportunity to tell you whose fault it is we all turned into artists, or, that is to say, name our influences. And do it with ART!

So this one is sorta a combo for me: I have drawn the Goblin King from Labyrinth as played by David Bowie*. I cut my teeth drawing portraits of David Bowie’s Face. Labyrinth is my favourite film of all time and vastly responsible for getting me into the fantasy genre. The art design was also done by one of my favourite artists of all time: Brian Froud. He’s known for books about faeries illustrated almost exclusively in watercolour. Oh and there’s Jim Henson, too.

* Sorry I cheated and used an old piece of Fan Art instead of drawing something brand new. Because migraine.

Blame Someone Else Day

Epic FailLacey InvestigationsRasputin Catamite

United Webcomics is celebrating Friday the 13th by our sharing creative influences.
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Star Wars: Empire Uncut Released & they included my scene!


The Star Wars Uncut project is a massive fan collaboration to remake the Star Wars movies. This crowd-sourced project started in 2009 when Star Wars: A New Hope was cut up into segments, lasting only a few seconds each, and divided amongst thousands of fans to remake in anyway they chose, then stitched back together again! This amazingly creative project won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media in 2010.