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Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2020

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2020. This year Epic Fail and 47 other webcomics are once again fighting the good fight for body and sex positivity. Maybe we’re also pushing back against the loneliness Valentine’s Day can cause.

Don’t be lonely; there are 48 nudes for you to find. It’s like an Easter Egg hunt but with Bewbs and Cawk. Don’t forget to visit all of them (list below)

Below is Epic fail’s contribution: a nude ‘pin-up’ of Amuletts. I put up a poll on Patreon and she won! Is she actually popular? Or just deemed most likely among the characters to get naked?

This time I drew her inside a ring of fire, in a challenging foreshortened pose, plus cool lighting (due to the flame). If she looks a bit demonic, trust me, it’s just the light. (Process video of this on my Patreon.)

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Sexy Bunny Day 2018

Happy Easter care of Sexy Bunny Day from United Webcomics.

Since Easter and April Fools Day fall on the same day this year it only made sense that Amuletts become an Easter Fool.

Other comic artists participating are:
Beta Neart:
Bridge U:
Raspberry Rain

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Character Design: Jira of the Singing Axe

The next few pages of Epic Fail are going to be a flash-back to an earlier adventure where the PCs met Loki. Now since the party make-up was completely different then (aside from Amuletts & Martin) I’m having to create some new character designs.

This is Jira of the Singing Axe. She is a female fighter who would not be seen dead in bikini-mail!!

As you can see I have a couple of armor designs for her. I dug out her character sheet and she is supposed to wear Banded Mail (an armor somewhere between chain & plate). Neither of these are actually banded mail because that was a poorly-designed, inflexible armor whose use was quickly abandoned. So design number 1 is based on Gladiator armor over chain whilst 2 is more like Mongol/mirrored armor (but it’s fantasy so I can totally make stuff up!).

Which design do you like best? Tell me in the comments!

Female Fighter Jira of the Singing Axe

On and FYI design No. 1 was drawn traditionally whereas No. 2 was drawn with my new Cintiq 15X. Can you tell?

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Valentines Day Sex Drive 2013

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Yet again Epic Fail is participating in the Valentines Day Sex Drive – an excuse for gratuitous nudity (and I’ll take any excuse)! This year Martin has traded his clothing for a bag of magic beans! Oh and Tinuvielle’s there too, to point and laugh, but she ought to watch out because it’s her turn next year!

Click to go to the Nudity! 

NSFW, rather obviously. I’ve used it as a TWC vote incentive so there’s a confirmation you wish to continue (and because I can use all the votes I can get). Sorry for the lack of background, but I don’t suppose you’d be looking at that anyway!

There are 48 webcomics participating in the Valentines Day Sex Drive, meaning 48 webcomics have drawn pictures of their characters naked! Below is a list of all of them. Have fun checking them out.

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Sunday Sketch 20 – 25 Essential Expressions: Tinuvielle

25 essential expressions challenge - tinuvielle

My 2nd attempt at the 25 Essential Expressions Challenge this time with Tinuvielle. I did Amuletts before and I think I will do Clodin next. It is a good exercise and I think you all know how much I enjoy drawing expressions and putting personality into them. They really make the characters come to life in my opinion. I think this one turned out a lot better than the previous Expressions Challenge. I guess I’m improving.

As always your constructive criticism would be much appreciated.