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Elf Girl Birthday Art by Mark Egan

Mark Egan of RAWRtacular Comics (which publishes of Back Office and Bata Neart) has made a beautiful piece of Birthday Art for me of a young Amuletts smiling while rushing into battle. We can only suppose this is a rear attack. That’s the expression you pull when you spot a lovely rear to attack.

Elf Girl by Mark Egan

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Star Wars: Empire Uncut Released & they included my scene!


The Star Wars Uncut project is a massive fan collaboration to remake the Star Wars movies. This crowd-sourced project started in 2009 when Star Wars: A New Hope was cut up into segments, lasting only a few seconds each, and divided amongst thousands of fans to remake in anyway they chose, then stitched back together again! This amazingly creative project won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media in 2010.

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Blame Someone Else Day 2013

It’s September the 13th (and coincidentally a Friday) which means it’s Blame Someone Else Day! So I’m blaming Tamora Pierce of all this fantasy nonsense I’ve been putting out. Here’s my picture of Alanna of Trebond and you should check out other peoples influences/scapegoats at United Webcomics.


Tamora Pierce is a fantasy author who has been a big influence on me, particularly her ‘Song of the Lioness’ quartet. Her books literally saved my life and inspired me to create my own stories.
Alanna of Trebond is a red-headed heroine who disguises herself as a boy so that she can become a Knight, rather than being schooled as a Lady as is expected of her.
Alanna is true to herself and overcomes gender discrimination.
My character Amuletts was originally based on another character in the series: the lovable rogue George. (She’s changed a bit since meeting Loki).

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GUEST STRIP: Gun versus Dragon

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle and Jake (the Evil Hare) plan to test whether guns blow Dragons away, but they have a back-up plan if it doesn’t work.

Creator’s Commentary: Poor Clodin! Sam Medina of Jake The Evil Hare seems to have it in for him!

Besides Jake the Evil Hare Sam Medina also makes a fantasy webcomic called Darkfell which is really good, and you should check it out. On a related note he has recently launched a Novel called Katrina the Dragon Slayer which I am reading at the moment and enjoying immensely.

Sam has drawn Epic Fail a Guest Strip before and here’s a link to it if you haven’t seen it.

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Fan Art from Callous Comics

Epic Fail Fan Art by Callous ComicsClick on the Image for a Larger View

Carlo Jose San Juan, the creator of Callous Comics, has just sent me this wonderful piece of Epic fail Fan Art featuring Amuletts and Decoy Duck playing chess. He says ‘what many people don’t know is that when I imagine Decoy talking, he’s speaking in a British accent’ so it is poetic he should visit a British comic.

I love getting Fan Art and this has cheered me up so very much! Carlo has drawn Amuletts perfectly and she would totally want to play with the Black pieces (black is one of her favorite colours). I’d imagine there’d be some money wagered on this game also.

Callous Comics features Dr. Rianne Nicah, a struggling new physician, who braves the world with her Guardian Duck, Cal Duck, and his on-the-job mentors! It is a humour comic which has been going for an incredible 15 years! PHEW! It stars both human and anthropomorphic characters in both gag strips and longer story archs. Carlo and Callous Comics has been so kind recently sending Fan Art to lots of people so go and read his comic and give him lots of love.