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D&D GM tips: How to save the PCs from Certain Death

Perhaps you have accidentally put your Player Characters against an enemy that’s too big a challenge for them, the dice are just trying to kill them, or your players are making very dumb decisions. Fear not: The odds may be against them but you, the GM, is (secretly) on their side. Remember you can do anything… you just need to make it believable.

Keep a cool demeanor and pretend everything is going as expected, even if it has totally fallen apart. Pretend you’d love to kill all their characters (even if it’s your worst nightmare); it will keep them on their toes. When you save them from certain death they will feel like heroes who just beat the odds. They will never realise that you are actually the hero (but that is as it should be).

Here are a few suggestions on how to save the PCs from certain death:

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D&D Tips: Role-Playing Your ‘Dump’ STAT

When you roll a low stat, if possible, you dump it in a skill your character hardly ever uses and should those skill checks come up let more capable party members make those rolls. But, that’s you, the PLAYER, thinking that way. Is your character going to think the same way? That’s part of their life and character, not some STAT.

I’m talking about Role Play, of course, and how to make your character more fleshed out and memorable. Personally I’m rather perverse and have been known to lower stats because I had a strong character concept.

D&D tips roleplaying your dump stat

A ‘perfect’ character who is good at everything is actually quite boring. Characters are often more memorable for character flaws. Think about the tales you tell around the gaming table. It’s usually about the Epic Fails isn’t it? So the occasional klutz is no bad thing, and the game is balanced for it so it should never be necessary to power-game your way though.

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Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness Movie Review

Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness is the D&D Players Movie.  The movie producers no longer cared about pleasing the masses and focused on their core audience. After all, after the failure first & second movies who else was there to appeal too? This movie is not in any way connected to it’s predecessors (aside from the number). And that is something to celebrate, the fact that someone must have said “It’s Dungeon’s and Dragons! Just make the movie like the game.” And it is. So if you play D&D you’ll probably be super into it Book of Vile Darkness.  However, those who don’t are less likely to appreciate the fan service and more likely to notice the low budget!

Book of Vile Darkness review (1)

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Siri runs a Dungeons & Dragons game

Okay this is hilarious and I had to share it. What happens when Siri runs a D&D game? It turns out Siri is the worst GM ever!

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Banners & Battlemaps – Review

Vinyl BannersI’ve hit the Big Time! Companies are sending me Free Stuff in return for my phenomenal influence in the blogosphere! Well… one company anyway.

You see are trying to get into a rather niche market: printing custom battle maps for gamers. I’ve been using a basic grid-printed vinyl battlemap for years in my role-play games. In addition to this I’ve also got quite a collection of paper maps which can be quite flimsy – they wear and rip particularly along the folds. Vinyl is much studier so could be handy for maps which you refer to again and again, not to mention you can make non-permanent notes on them with wet-wipe pens. Basically this seemed like a really good idea.