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I should be working on my project…

…but instead I’m procrastinating and watching hilarious videos like this that sum up exactly the way I’m feeling but still don’t help me get on with my project.

Sorry I haven’t posted any new comics lately. There will be a new page up soon.

Levni Yilmaz makes lots of cool videos and comics like these called ‘Tales of Mere Existance‘ about things that people say, or think, or do, or don’t do. I’ve subscribed to his YouTube Channel and you probably should too.

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D&D Fantasy Miniatures – in Origami!

Origami Goblin - Fantasy Gaming Miniature by Joseph WuDungeons and Dragons is a role-play game – a game of the imagination – so most of the action goes on inside your head; however, in a big, confusing battle visual repressentation can be useful. Among other things, it stops the characters from spontaneously teleporting from one side of the room to the other (without the use of a spell)! Aside from that it’s nice to see what you’re up against once in a while, to react in genuine horror as the GM reveals the hideous visage of the monster you have to fight (even if it is only 3cm high).

But miniatures are expensive, right? WRONG! You’ve got a piece of paper haven’t you? Well then – get folding and you can have your very own miniature army for mere cost of a bajillion papercuts!