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Patchwork Board Game Review

patchwork-board-gamePatchwork is a 2-Player tile-laying Board Game. It consists of a game track with counters, two 9-by-9 grids (one for each player) and different shaped tiles or ‘patches’ that players must place within their grid to create their ‘patchwork.’ There’s a small jigsaw element in that players can only place tiles that will fit, and there is a bonus for being the first to create a perfectly filled 7-by-7 square. There are also Buttons which are the currency and each player starts with five; these are used to buy patches. Each patch costs buttons and ‘time’ – how far forward the player must advance on the game track. The game ends when both players are at the end of the track. Some patches have buttons attached which makes them very valuable because they pay out that amount of buttons each time the player passes a button symbol on the game track – and whoever has the most buttons wins!