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10 More Amazing Animatronic Dragons

You’ve seen 10 Amazing Animatronic Dragons, now it’s time for 10  More Amazing Animatronic Dragons! Some of these are a little more robot, some are a little more puppet, all are awesome and extremely geeky! This isn’t ranked as I love all animatronic Dragons equally. Which are your favourites?

1 Draconicon


Raveleijn is an theatre at Efteling Amusement Park in the Southern Netherlands.
Raveleijn is the name of the city where the 5 Raven Riders will be. A magic portal turns 5 Ravens into horses and 5 children ito Riders with the power of the 5 elements: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. Now they have the power to defeat Count Olaf but he has created a giant 5-headed Dragon called Draconicon that might be beyond all of them!
All 5 dragon heads breath fire and both horses and riders are dwarfed in comparison to this massive beast in the live show.

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My Epic Photos of the Super Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse

Last nights Lunar Eclipse was Epic! It was a supermoon – which is when the full moon is closest to the planet so appears biggest and brightest in the sky, and a Bloodmoon because when light is filtered through the earth’s atmosphere during a lunar eclipse it leaves only the red spectrum, thus Super Bloodmoon!

These are my photos taken from my back garden in Oxford. As the light got low the long exposure times made it tricky not to get a blurry shot, plus the cold night are made my camera lens keep fogging up. If I ever do this again a steadier tripod and lens wipes are in order!

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Copyright Versus Fan Art

Junta Fan Arts 11- share & attribute
‘Junta Fan Arts 11’ Photo by

It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but this is not necessarily true when it comes to the law. All art is to some degree derivative, but where is the line drawn between derivation and theft? Everyone will have drawn Fan Art at some point, as kids if not as adults, we want to draw out favourite characters because we love them. Perhaps we’ll even write stories with them in, because we want more stories, because we want more than what’s already out there. Because we are Fans.

But every time you make Fan Art you are breaching Copyright because you do not own the intellectual property to those characters, concepts or designs. You are not the original artist, nor have they given you permission to copy their work, so you are essentially ‘nicking’ their idea. That’s the letter of the law, but what is the spirit of it? There’s a big difference between lovingly imitating and maliciously stealing.

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How to Make Origami Dragons (Video Tutorials)

How to Make an Origami Dragon
Origami Dragon photo by awrose on Flickr

I did a blog post a long time ago about D&D Fantasy Miniatures – In Origami! It was pretty popular and I was asked for instructions on how to make an Origami Dragon. Well ask and yee shall receive – eventually!

I’ve put together a playlist of video tutorials for Origami Dragons all by jonakashima and tadashimori. I’ve put them in order of length, so the first one is the shortest and simplest to make (6 minutes) and the last one is the longest and most complicated (about 2 hours). So the tutorials go from Beginner to Advanced, and you can pick which you want to do based on your level of skill – or work through them all!

The Origami Dragon Tutorials are embedded below or you can click here to view the playlist.

Also, here are a couple of simple origami dragon diagrams both based on a bird base, one standing, one in flight.

How to make Origami Dragons:

Click to see all items in ‘Origami Dragon Tutorials’ Playlist

I hope this is useful and you’ll soon be making an army of fire-breathing monsters out of paper. Only don’t actually make them breath fire as it’s incredibly bad for their health!

Oh and if you do make any of these I would so LOVE to see your pics!

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My Birthday Song

“Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! This is my Birthday Song; And I’m going to sing it all day long because it is my Birthday!”

Just a silly song I made up on my Birthday. You can sing it on yours if you like.