Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day. Once more Epic Fail and a whole bunch of other comic creators are coming together (heh) to provide you with nude character art, thereby making your Valentine’s Day a little extra special.

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D&D Tips: Role-Playing Your ‘Dump’ STAT

When you roll a low stat, if possible, you dump it in a skill your character hardly ever uses and should those skill checks come up let more capable party members make those rolls. But, that’s you, the PLAYER, thinking that way. Is your character going to think the same way? That’s part of their life and character, not some STAT.

I’m talking about Role Play, of course, and how to make your character more fleshed out and memorable. Personally I’m rather perverse and have been known to lower stats because I had a strong character concept.

D&D tips roleplaying your dump stat

A ‘perfect’ character who is good at everything is actually quite boring. Characters are often more memorable for character flaws. Think about the tales you tell around the gaming table. It’s usually about the Epic Fails isn’t it? So the occasional klutz is no bad thing, and the game is balanced for it so it should never be necessary to power-game your way though.

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10 More Amazing Animatronic Dragons

You’ve seen 10 Amazing Animatronic Dragons, now it’s time for 10  More Amazing Animatronic Dragons! Some of these are a little more robot, some are a little more puppet, all are awesome and extremely geeky! This isn’t ranked as I love all animatronic Dragons equally. Which are your favourites?

1 Draconicon


Raveleijn is an theatre at Efteling Amusement Park in the Southern Netherlands.
Raveleijn is the name of the city where the 5 Raven Riders will be. A magic portal turns 5 Ravens into horses and 5 children ito Riders with the power of the 5 elements: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. Now they have the power to defeat Count Olaf but he has created a giant 5-headed Dragon called Draconicon that might be beyond all of them!
All 5 dragon heads breath fire and both horses and riders are dwarfed in comparison to this massive beast in the live show.

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Sexy Bunny Day 2018

Happy Easter care of Sexy Bunny Day from United Webcomics.

Since Easter and April Fools Day fall on the same day this year it only made sense that Amuletts become an Easter Fool.

Other comic artists participating are:
Beta Neart:
Bridge U:
Raspberry Rain


Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 and once more Epic fail is participating in the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive – where webcomic artists come together (heh) to provide you with nudes on Valentine’s Day. This is done in the spirit of sex and body positivity.

This year there are 42 participating artists. That has to mean something!

You may have noticed that Loki, Norse God of Fire and Chaos has taken to usurping my comic of late.  I told him that if he was going to do that he had just volunteered for the Sex Drive! Naturally, being Loki, he couldn’t care less about being naked. I’ve never met anyone who was more sex positive, in fact if anything he is a bit too sex positive. Being a shape-shifter I’m not sure there’s anything he wouldn’t have sex with! (Myth aficionados will already know about the horse…)

Anyway, Clicky clicky…

Please click on the preview image below to be taken to the full image with all it’s nudey goodness
(It’s also a TWC voting incentive, you will need to confirm):

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2018
Please note clicking on the above image will take you to a picture containing nudity which is NSFW

Don’t forget to visit ALL of the comic participating! the list is below!

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018

Dizzaster Juice – WhiteOut | Dizzaster Juice – Offworld: The Crease | Holly Laing – Terra | Inky – Ink Dolls | JFD – Heroes (or not) | Jacob Jones – Ayuri | Nick Greaves – The Great Isle of Prentil | Dave Barrack – Grrl Power | Diegogue – The Island | The Blood Teller – Alvery Nerveaux’s Secret Case Files | yellowgerbil – Zoe the Vampire | MonicaNG – MoonSlayer | Mark Egan – Back Office | Mark Egan – Bata Neart | jeromatic – Planet Squad | jeromatic – Bunny Wiggins | jeromatic – Jeromatic Tales | Andrew Hunter – Delve | Caley Tibbittz Collopy – SwordCat Princess | Jeremy Begin – After the Dream | utzsar – Rocks | Marshall Reeves – Yesterday Bound | Alli Perry – My Hero! | Bearalzebub – Bearalzebub | Jackarais – Bicycle Boy | Zach Vanzile – West Tree Academy of Heroes | TK Doherty – Nikki Sprite | Lou Graziani – Cy-Boar | Ebenezer Splooge – PronQueens | Ebenezer Splooge – Mammazon | Ebenezer Splooge – Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy | Ebenezer Splooge – PronQuest | Ebenezer Splooge – Portcall Uranus | Amy Letts – Epic Fail | Sean Harrington – Spying With Lana | John Harrington – The Savage Sword of Sharona | Scott T. Hicken – Exiern: Dark Reflections | Scott T. Hicken – Exiern | Chippewa Ghost – Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz – Velvet Rasputin | Peter Anckorn – By The Book | Stef Marcinkowski – Sarah Zero