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Sunday Sketch #12 – My Little Pony Dirk

My Little Pony Dirk, MLP FiM Fanart
This Sunday Sketch is Dirk as a My Little Pony! Are you sensing a pattern yet? I’ve used the color of his (new) armor as the colour of his coat, and his Cutie mark is three ginko leaves, a Samurai symbol for loyalty. They look pretty.

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Sunday Sketch #11 – My Little Pony Amuletts

Amuletts as a My Litte Pony MLP FiM Fanart

This weeks Sunday Sketch is Amuletts as a My Little Pony, ‘Friendship is Magic’ style. She’s supposed to be looking a bit devious (don’t know if I pulled that off).

She’s a Unicorn for the simple reason she can cast spells, so characters who are spell casters will have horns and those that aren’t won’t. Her Cutie Mark is a Flame because her special talent is playing with fire, lol. (And she’s a Cleric of Loki).

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Fan Art from Callous Comics

Epic Fail Fan Art by Callous ComicsClick on the Image for a Larger View

Carlo Jose San Juan, the creator of Callous Comics, has just sent me this wonderful piece of Epic fail Fan Art featuring Amuletts and Decoy Duck playing chess. He says ‘what many people don’t know is that when I imagine Decoy talking, he’s speaking in a British accent’ so it is poetic he should visit a British comic.

I love getting Fan Art and this has cheered me up so very much! Carlo has drawn Amuletts perfectly and she would totally want to play with the Black pieces (black is one of her favorite colours). I’d imagine there’d be some money wagered on this game also.

Callous Comics features Dr. Rianne Nicah, a struggling new physician, who braves the world with her Guardian Duck, Cal Duck, and his on-the-job mentors! It is a humour comic which has been going for an incredible 15 years! PHEW! It stars both human and anthropomorphic characters in both gag strips and longer story archs. Carlo and Callous Comics has been so kind recently sending Fan Art to lots of people so go and read his comic and give him lots of love.

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Movie Review: Mazes & Monsters

This is a 1980’s made-for-tv movie and fulfills all the expectations that come with that description, namely poor quality scripting, acting and special effects. It stars a young Tom Hanks and notably contains footage of the World Trade Center. Based on the novel by the same name Mazes & Monsters is interesting mainly because of it’s social context. During it’s heyday role-play gaming was a much maligned hobby purported to be a form of satanism and blaimed for criminal activities, mental illness and suicides. Players were persecuted, ostricised and anti-D&D groups established to try and ban the game. It’s hard to imagine nowadays that a harmless game of make-believe could provoke such a reaction, but these attitudes were widespread and some still persist to this day. I remember as late as the 1990’s being forbidden from buying a D&D book because it was ‘Devil-worship.’

mazes and monsters - Tom Hanks goes bat shit crazy!

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Yoru Plushie

Click on the tumbnails for full-sized image.

I made a Plushie of Epic Fail’s character Yoru! I made it using the ‘sit pattern  tutorial‘ by BabyLondonStar on Deviantart. It’s made mostly out of Felt with a short-shag fur fabric for the hair. I had trouble finding a light-grey fur for the fringe so I had to sacrifice a stuffed shark for it. Overall Plushie Yoru uses 12 types of fabric and 4 types of tread. The clothes are all made as separate pieces. The horns are just little felt cones.

It took a while, probably because I have never made anything like this before and he’s entirely hand-stitched, but I am really proud. He’s devilishly cute! I kinda want to make all the characters now!