10 Amazing examples of Dragon Architecture

Dedicated to hunting down Dragons in all their forms, here are 10 Amazing examples of Dragon Architecture. Dragon House, Dragon Tower, Dragon Bridge, Dragon Buildings, here they are! Naturally, I can’t pick a favourite so it’s just a list, not a ‘top ten’. But please do tell me what your favourite is!

1) Wat Samphran’s Dragon Tower

wat samphran temple of dragon thailand

Wat Samphran Temple in Tailand actually consists of several stuctures but its most impressive is the 17 storey high red tower wrapped in a green dragon! The temple itself is a bit out of the way and not tourist spot, as it is primarily used for temple business. Indeed the Dragon Tower is usually closed to visitor except on special occasions. The dragon is reported to be hollow and it is possible to walk some sections of it. Details of when the temple was built, and by whom, are unknown.

2) The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang


10 Amazing Animatronic Dragons

Okay Dragon Hunters, it’s time for another list: 10 Amazing Animatronic Dragons! Part puppet, part robot, these Dragons are so lifelike you would swear they were real. (And you can meet many of them ‘in the flesh’ as it were, making you a dragon hunter indeed)!

FYI, this isn’t a ranking – I think all these Dragons are fabulous! Which are your favourites? How would you rank them?

1) Stinger from ‘How To Train Your Dragon’

Dreamworks animatronic Stinger Dragon
Photo by Mark Rightmire

Dreamworks ‘How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular’ has many amazing animatronic Dragons that it uses in its stage show. ‘Stinger’ may be one of the smallest (10 feet by 17 feet) but it’s special because it has been going out doing a public service. This Dragon has been visiting kids in schools with Hiccup to teach anti-bullying workshops. And you thought your teacher were Dragons! This one actually is one! But it’s actually charming.

Here are some bigger Animatronic Dragons from the ‘How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular’.

2) Baby Drogon?

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Primer (2004) Movie Review

Primer is an independent, low-budget science fiction movie about time travel with a cult following. On the one hand the time-travel is great, simple, and elegant. At the same time it’s also a complex, confusing web that with a bit of effort you can sort of follow. Unfortunately the characters are moronic idiots who act without thinking. It’s worth noting that Primer was more-or less created by a one-man-band. Shane Carruth wrote it, directed it, acted in it, produced it, edited it and scored it all on a budget of $7000.

Primer Epic Fail Movie Review

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The Lair Of the White Worm Movie Review (NSFW)

Starring Hugh Grant and Peter Capaldi this is a British 1988 adaptation of Bram Stokers least popular Novel ‘The Lair of the White Worm’. Possibly the source material really was ‘that bad’ but the adaptation doesn’t try to be scary, it tries to be funny. It was a good way to go; it does the job of making the ridiculous story hilariously entertaining. You know how it’s going to be within the first minute of opening when they do a jump scare on a garden hose. Frankly it’s taking the piss out of this entire Horror ‘thing’ with a lot of innuendo and phallic imagery.


10 Even More Amazing Origami Dragons

You’ve seen 10 Amazing Origami Dragons and 10 More Amazing Origami Dragons. How can we possibly top that? With 10 EVEN MORE amazing origami dragons for you to enjoy! This is just a list, not a ‘top ten,’ because I just don’t think it would be fair to rank them – they are all amazing! These have been chosen not only for their beauty and skill but for their originality in the hopes that they will inspire you. Which are your favourites?

The names I have used are those given them by the artists.

 1. Ryujin 3.5

Ryujin 3.5 origami dragon

Ryujin 3.5 by Satoshi Kamiya is a beautiful and complicated oriental origami dragon. It’s crease pattern can be found in the book ‘World of Super Complex Origami’ (and boy is it super complex!) The level of detail is mind-blowing.