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Title Unrelated Webcomic Interview

Creator G. Pike takes the hotseat to talk about their queer fantasy/adventure comic Title Unrelated.

What’s your webcomic: Title Unrelated about?

Title Unrelated is about a family of queer characters who travel to a parallel world to search for their missing sister. In this other world, known to locals as Ambaia, they befriend two teens with psychic abilities and small band of political rebels. Along the way they begin to realize that the history of their family is actually linked to the history of Ambaia.

One feature of the story that bears mentioning is that Ambaian culture does not have binary gender roles.

Does Ambaian culture perceive gender differently? What noticeable differences are there in the ways people are treated?

I would say yes, they perceive it differently. If they could be said to have a concept of gender (as opposed to sex) it’s manifested more as an aspect of personality.

It’s considered very impolite to ask about someone’s biological sex. If anything, Ambaians could probably be considered “Cis-Nonbinary”, as what beauty/appearance standards there are tend to favor androgyny. In fact, physical sex is not seen as binary either, but more of a spectrum of individual variation. Since there’s no cultural mandate to “be fruitful and multiply” (birth control methods also exist), there’s less focus on reproductive function of individuals. They really don’t have any specific roles that are based solely on sex (the exception being jobs like pregnancy surrogates, who are, by necessity, biologically female).

Children are raised together without much differentiation. Baths and restrooms are unisex. What we would call “same-sex” relationships (and marriages) are extremely common. Plural and asexual partnerships are also accepted – in fact, it’s considered ideal for young children to have at least three “parents” of any combination of sexes. There are transsexual people in Ambaia, as aligning the body with one’s mental and spiritual needs is seen as a natural part of all-around health.

What psychic abilities do the characters possess? Is it considered commonplace to have them or are they considered special?


Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017! Once more Epic Fail is participating in the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive where webcomics across the land celebrate body and sex-positivity with erotic and nudey art. Let’s all celebrate the true spirit of Valentine’s Day with this lovely collection of nudes this year! [Full list at the bottom of the page – you’ve gotta catch ’em all!]

So over the past few years of VDSD I’ve drawn all the adult members (snicker) of Epic Fail in the Buff. So I’m drawing Amuletts naked again, playing cupid perhaps? Well she’s got her bow and arrow out anyhow.

Please click on the preview image below to be taken to the full image with all it’s nudey goodness (It’s also a TWC voting incentive):

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2017 - Topwebcomics Link

Please note clicking on the above image will take you to a picture containing nudity which is NSFW

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2017 - Patreon Link

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2017

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Featured Creator G. Pike

I’ve joined a group of epic creators helping each other cross-promoting on Patreon. Each month I’ll be helping another creator to reach their funding goal and provide a special reward (likely exclusive art) if they do. Likewise another creator is helping me and will likewise reward my patreons with an exclusive reward for reaching my funding goal. So it’s a good time to become a Patreon!

My Featured Creator this month is G. Pike who makes comics and wildlife art. Gpike’s main comic is called ‘Title Unrelated’ a queer fantasy webcomic about family, love, friendship and identity. The colourful cast of characters, who are in a freakin’ band, travel to a parallel universe because Mara (the most adorable one, can I say that?) has been kidnapped.

Gpike also really loves birds and creates beautiful illustrations of them and also other comics (mostly about birds) available on gumroad.

But remember kids, all the things like sketches and WIPs are available to patreons who sign up for $1 on gpike’s Patreon page as well as more rewards for higher tiers AND the exclusive reward you will get from me if they meet their funding goal this month.

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Migraine Awareness: Me and my Migraine


Hi, I’m Amy and I suffer from migraine.

I hate my brain. I know I can’t very well do without it but it often seems like the enemy.

Migraine is the most common neurological condition (or brain disorder if you like) and it can affect  anyone.

The seriousness of migraine is often not realized for several reasons. Firstly it’s in the brain so essentially invisible. Sometimes there’s also the misconception that because it’s ‘in the mind’ it’s imagined and isn’t really real. For people who think that may I remind you that the brain is a physical organ and a very important one – it controls everything and if it is screwed up the body cannot work properly, like if you are in the car and the steering wheel doesn’t work. A similar disorder to migraine is epilepsy.

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Wizards (1977) Movie Review

Wizards (1977) is a cult animated movie by Raph Bakshi which combines the post-apocalyptic and fairy tale setting. The titular ‘Wizards’ are twins that look nothing alike: Avatar is a Ginger Gnome whilst the other, Blackwolf, bears a striking resemblance to an Undead Saruman. And guess what? One is good and one is evil – but which?

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War Machine.