X-Fools “Missing Episodes” recovered.

During the 1990s there was an X-Files spoof radio show called “The X-Fools.” They had little five minute episodes that played every weekday, with ridiculous cliff-hangers and lots of radio humour.

The interesting thing about this show – or perhaps the most frustrating – is that after it finished broadcasting it disappeared from existence. Finding information on it is difficult, I don’t even know for sure who created it and the voice actors are a complete mystery.

Now I was one of the few dedicated fans who followed it every week, as best I could. I even recorded them off the radio so that I could listen again and again. But like all fans I wanted more.

The only place I could find it was a website made by someone like me, who had salvaged a few episodes themselves and wanted more. I would have given them more, but it seems they had given up and moved on. The website died. But I had the episodes.

Possessing some webspace I uploaded them to it along with my own, and began a campaign to recover the missing episodes. When I say ‘campaign’ I mean load my page with keywords and hope that the relevant people would google me. I’ve had a steady flow of traffic and downloads since I put the site up, and even the occassional grateful email.

Well, the branch has born fruit. Two people, within a few days of one another, have contacted me and provided me with perhaps as many as 20 x-fools stories between them! It’s fantastic and gives me hope of finding more, perhaps even them all!

So now I’m putting them online. The humble, but precious webpage lies, for those who are interested at Some are up and more will follow.

Update Jan 2016: The studio contacted me an asked I take the archive offline. I don’t know at this time if they are planning to republish or rebroadcast. I certainly hope that is what they are planning. It would be a shame if these gems were never heard again.


Baby, it’s cold outside

My little corner of England seems mightily cold at the moment.  It snowed a few days ago, lightly.  Now there’s just this wonderful frost clinging to everything.  Seen in the short hours of daylight it’s incredable.  Magival.  Even the most boring thing looks beautiful with white crystals.  On Thurday there was low cloud so every thing was shrouded in a cyan-tinged mist.

Everyone complains, but I’m happy, wrapped up in my layers with waterproofs from head to toe.  I’d rather have this than the grey rain we usually have in winter.

I just bought a new saddle for my bicycle.  Actually it’s a Christmas pressent from my Parents, they gave me the money so I could choose one for myself.  Thanks Mum and Dad!  My old one absorbed water, not that bad since I wear waterproof trousers whilst riding it, but in this weather it turned to ice.  Kinda painful to sit on!  I’m very pleased to have the new one; it is wide, padded and sprung.

I bought new gloves this week too:  insultated, waterproofed, with rough ‘grips’ on the palms.  I thoughroughly reccommend everything waterproof.  You can say “I’m prepared” and stick two fingers up to the British weather.  Supprise storm?  Ha!

All I need to complete my invulnerability to winter is get one of those Buff scarves, or a neck warmer, so I can wear it over my nose and mouth.


Hello and Thanks

Hi there and welcome to “Epic Fail.”  (As you can see I have high hopes for this  web comic!)  Thank you for coming, I really hope you bookmark this page and come back often, for what an adventure there is to come!

I have many thanks to give this day.  Firstly is The Webcomic Beacon and its hosts Fes and Tanya.  These are lovely people who do a webcomic podcast on a weekly basis, providing lots of useful information and inspiration to webcomicers.  Without them I would not have had the courage to start this project.  Every episode was encouragement for me.

I also owe gratitude to Zander Cannon mainly for this page with its fantastically-useful comic template.  It made drawing frames 100% easier and I use it for every page.

I’d also like to thank the friends whom I role-play with.  Their creativity is the basis for much of the plot and characters.  They also help me by reviewing new pages and giving me feedback.  Their support so far is amazing!

On the technical side I’m grateful to ComicPress for its comic publishing theme (their hard work has made publishing a comic online easy for me) and by extension WordPress for its priceless publishing platform.

Last, but not-at-all least, is who has wonderfully provided the hosting for this website and all its content for free, with practically zero limitations.  They do this for many other creative individuals too, therefore I encourage you to support them to the fullest.  They are very friendly and their service has been impeccable thus far.  Cheers!