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OMG Guys! I got a Cintiq! (15X)

As you probably know I am a poor, starving Artist; I do not have a lot of funds. A Wacom Cintiq is a very advanced and expensive piece of kit that I never thought I’d be able to afford in a million years. New they cost around £800 – £1,500. Eep!

Fortunately they’ve been around for a little while now so are turning up on the second-hand market a lot cheaper. This is where I got mine. Off ebay, for £200, shipped over from America. It is an old 15X and the resolution is pretty low (1024 x 768 at 16,777,216 colours) but hey, I have a second monitor for that! Of course the sensitivity is nothing like a more modern one, but that’s not to say it isn’t still really good!

wacom cintiq 15X

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Adobe’s ‘Free Photoshop CS2 Release’ = Epic Fail!

Recently Adobe made Creative Suite 2 available to download, complete with serial number but without requiring activation. Included were applications Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Elements, Premier Pro, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro and GoLive – available individually or as part of the CS2 bundle. Shortly thereafter the news broke that Adobe was giving away their 10-year-old software for free! It seemed like a late Christmas present.

Well apparently it isn’t. Adobe released an official statement to say:

You have heard wrong! Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2!

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Flattr integration with WordPress/Comicpress.

You already know how awesome I think Flattr is, especially for webcomics. Unfortunately it’s still a little clunky to integrate, preventing many people who want to adopt it from doing so.

It is easy to add a Flattr button to a single blog post, but if you have a large website it becomes a chore. If, like me, you are using WordPress the solution seems simple: use the Flatter Plugin. This not only adds the Flattr button to your posts but submits new posts to Flattr when you publish them. Alas, whilst I’m sure it is an excellent solution for many people, it didn’t work for me.

In the Plugin Debug I discover my problem: ‘No cURL extension found.’ Bugger. As tech savvy as I am this is not something I can fix. Fortunately I’ve figured out a couple of workarounds. These ought to work even if you have a different error.

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How to Convert a SWF to an AVI for FREE

The Problem:

If you try to export your flash movie from Adobe Flash Professional you will find that it exports only what is in your main timeline, which breaks a lot of objects and effects, therefore making your movie look pretty crappy. Hopefully they will solve this in the future. In the meantime you are left with a SWF file – a format which is not supported by popular video hosting websites like YouTube. Damn.

Simple Solution:

24/07/16 UPDATE : A FREE Converter Format Factory will convert SWF to AVI as well as a ton of other formats. It is Amazing! It is a godsend! Personally I use it for converting a ton of stuff.

iWisoft Flash/SWF to Video Converter is the ONLY converter I have found which actually converts swf to avi whilst maintaining the quality of the original. Unfortunately the free version leaves a watermark. If you don’t want a watermark you can either pay $49 for the registered version or read on…