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Why I think Flattr is awesome for Webcomics

Flattr - Easy donations, tips and micropaymentsSo. Flattr. You are probably wondering “Flat-err-WHAT?!” having never heard of this thing. I only heard about it last week.  It was released in 2010 so it’s relatively new – less than a year old in fact, and still in beta. Nonetheless I am going to use my powers of prediction to foresee Flattr as a success – at least for webcomics!

I have a webcomic (Coo! You don’t say!) and with it terrific fans – in fact I’d go so far as to say the whole webcomics community is terrific. Fans and creators alike want to see the comics they love thrive and are incredibly supportive (and since you’re reading this I’ll take this opportunity to say, a little tearfully, Thanks Guys!) Yet, despite all this, only a small minority will send a donation. Don’t feel guilty – I have never donated myself. Sometimes I’ve hovered over the PayPal button, occassionally clicked, but gone through with it? Never.  Here’s why:

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The NaNoWriMo Song

Thanks to the internet’s Indie music scene Geeks now have their own soundtrack and it’s called ALLCAPS. The Band consisting of Kristina Horner and Luke Conard have a repertoire of geeky songs including ones about Comics, Robots, Zombies, World of Warcraft and Harry Potter.

But this month November, or National Novel Writers Month. I have a lot of friends who are writers (actually I’m drowning in original manuscripts) and they all have their noses to the grindstone to get that wordcount. How better to cheer them on than with a little song? The NaNoWriMo Song!

‘It’s mixture of relief, perseverance, and caffeine and just little touch of going mad.’
Good luck with NaNoWriMo you crazy, crazy people!!

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Halloween Skull Facepaint

Skull / Undead Facepaint by Amy Letts

I’m pretty crazy about facepaint, I wish I had more time/excuses to do it. I had these pictures hanging around from a while ago and I figured they’re scary, it’s Halloween, why not post ’em?

This is a facepaint of a skull, although probably not anatomically correct. I was going more for ‘that’s just freaking scary’ because I’ve seen lots of face-painted skulls and never found then particularly frightening and frequently, well… FUNNY. This is a complete undead monstrosity!

The model is me; I did it using a mirror. The main base color is brown because it make it look like a really old skull and also allows for more interesting shading. I also added a few fine cracks to make it look really ancient. Yep, I scared some people with this.

Trick or treat?

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brushie brushie brushie

brushie brushie brushie guinea pig by amuletts of the webcomic epic failThis is my additition to the brushie brushie brushie meme which started with a bat having it’s head brushed by a blue toothbrush (so cute) and spiraled into a series of images using the same motif created by different people. Thus we have been brought such delightful imagry as Picard transported from dispair to delight by the miraculous blue toothbrush. It even got made into a comic strip!

Well, I just had to find out if a blue toothbrush really had that effect, so using scientific method, I tested* it on a Guinea Pig. She seemed to like it. Mind you she does like strokes on the head best.

*No Guinea Pigs were harmed during brushie brushie brushie